Confucius Institute at International Business Academy, Denmark Participates in “Cultural Night in Kolding”

[Source]    Confucius Institute at International Business Academy, Denmark [Time]    2019-08-28 09:24:12 

On August 23rd, local time, the Confucius Institute at International Business Academy, Denmark (IBA Confucius Institute) participated in the “Cultural Night in Kolding”, bringing a unique Chinese cultural display to nearly one thousand Danish audience.

At the entrance to the church, which is located at the center of the ancient city Kolding, Chinese cultural district in a classical atmosphere attracted many audiences. The famous guzheng play “Along the Yili River” and the cucurbit flute solo “Girl Who Fetches Water” enabled the Danish audience to feel the charm of traditional Chinese music on the spot. Also, the songs “Flourishing Blossoms” and “Eternal Love” sang by the Chinese students Wei Xin and Zhou Xinyi, perfect combinations of Chinese classical elements and popular music, won warm applause from the audience.

Performance of Guzheng, the Chinese Zither

The Tai Chi performance displayed by the teachers from the Confucius Institute was full of momentum while its moves are performed as smoothly as flowing water, which brought Tai Chi to the extreme with the charm of softness and force. The Hanfu (traditional Chinese costumes) Show performed by five Chinese students, such as Li Chengcheng and Qi Qi, were graceful and elegant, showing the beauty of traditional Chinese costumes.

Experience of Tai Chi

During the event, the Confucius Institute conducted cultural activities for the audience to experience, such as Chinese calligraphy, Chinese tea art, folk costumes try-on and Chinese children’s games. At the experience booth of Chinese calligraphy, visitors appreciated with exclamation the uniqueness of Chinese calligraphy. Danish student Daniel wore Han Fu and gave a wonderful show of Chinese tea art. His elegant and skillful movements demonstrated the fusion of “tea” and “art”, which glutted the eyes of the audience.

Trying tea art

The most popular activity among the children is the “blessing” hoopla. Children were fond of the animal dolls, chopsticks, bookmarks and other souvenirs with Chinese characteristics on the venue so they all actively participated in the game. Their parents also can’t help but to try their hand and experience the fun of Chinese games.

Experience of Chinese calligraphy

The Mayor of Kolding City Jørn Pedersen specially greeted the staff of the Confucius Institute and took a group photo with them. The local media, JyskeVestkysten, reported this event.

Jørn Pedersen and the staff of the Confucius Institute

The event has served as a great platform to expand the influence of the Confucius Institute at International Business Academy and promote the Danish people’s understanding of Chinese culture.

Story by Guo Huijun


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