Overseas Chinese Celebrate 70th Anniversary of Founding of China and Perform Chinese Folk Arts to Hail China-Tanzania Friendship

[Source]    Confucius Institute at the University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania [Time]    2019-08-26 11:05:38 

On August 12th, local time, the Belt and Road Initiative Special Show of Chinese Folk Arts upon the 70th Anniversary of China among overseas Chinese in Tanzania was held at the University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM). The event was hosted by the Chinese Embassy at the United Republic of Tanzania, the Chinese Chamber of Commerce (CCOC) in Tanzania, the Oriental Post and the Confucius Institute at UDSM. Wang Ke, Chinese Ambassador to Tanzania, Zhu Jinfeng, Director of the Overseas Chinese Service Center and Chairman of the CCOC in Tanzania, and Nan Gengxu, Executive Chairman of the China-Africa Culture and Arts Exchange Society, and Chairman of the Global Max Media Group attended and delivered speeches.

In his speech, Wang Ke said that it is imperative to safeguard world peace and the principle of promoting common development, actively build a community of shared future for mankind and advance cultural construction, present better Chinese stories, spread Chinese culture and show the world that China is committed to peaceful development and win-win cooperation.

Wang Ke giving a speech

Zhu Jinfeng said in his speech that the show not only brought joy to overseas Chinese in Tanzania but also enriched the content and the form of China-Tanzania cultural exchanges, deepened the understanding of traditional Chinese culture among overseas Chinese in Tanzania, and enhanced the national and cultural confidence of the Chinese nation.

Zhu Jinfeng giving a speech

Nan Gengxu pointed out that the implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative underscores not only “a sense of responsibility” but also “the ability to write good stories”. Over the years, The Oriental Post takes on the responsibility to tell stories of China and Chinese people and strive for better lives and development of overseas Chinese and Chinese-funded enterprises through radios, TVs, newspapers, magazines and other media platforms.

Nan Gengxu giving a speech

The evening show was performed jointly by the delegation of the Chinese Ballad Singers Association, the Confucius Institute at UDSM, and the overseas Chinese in Tanzania. The African song and dance performance “Iyo Twende” brought by the teachers and students of the Confucius Institute at UDSM kicked off the show.

Teachers and students from the Confucius Institute are performing singing and dancing

The northeast Chinese folk monodrama “The Old Man Carrying His Wife” performed by one person was refreshing. The Shaoxing Pinghu Tune “Xixi Taoyuan” boasted beautiful tunes and rich melodies. The Shaoxing dialect was made more mellow and touching by Chinese traditional musical instruments lute and flute. The famous Chinese soprano singer Han Yanwen performed songs “That is Me” and “My Motherland” with a thrilling melody that impressed everyone.

Solo by Han Yanwen

The amusing crosstalk “Having Fun” performed by famous Chinese crosstalk artists Jiang Kun and Dai Zhicheng made the audience burst into laughter by Chinese-style English names and Chinese-accented English. The crosstalk “Boyfriend and Girlfriend” brought by Dong Jianchun and Li Ding was inspired by the life of young people in the new era and has won cheers of the audience with witty language and vivid performance. It’s worth noting that the Confucius Institute student Gu Qiao performed the stand-up comedy “My Trip to China”, showing no stage fright at all in front of the crosstalk titans.

Jiang Kun and Dai Zhicheng performing crosstalk “Having Fun”

The chorus is performing “Singing for the motherland”

In the end, the chorus of leading overseas Chinese in Tanzania performed “Singing for the motherland”, bringing the show to a climax. The overseas Chinese present were all moved and joined the chorus spontaneously.

Story by Dong Hanglu; Photo by Wang Panfeng and Hou Yuanchao