Wellington East Girls' College Experience Chinese Cuisine

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Victoria University of Wellington [Time]    2019-08-22 14:32:12 

On August 14th, the Confucius classroom -Wellington East Girls' College of the Confucius institute of Victoria university at Wellington hosted the hot pot food culture experience activity with the theme of "taste Chinese food, learn spicy Chinese". All grade 9 students participated in the activity.

The activity was given by MLA Gu yu, a volunteer Chinese teacher. The content of the activity was divided into two parts: cultural knowledge lecture and food sharing. During the lecture, miss gu introduced the origin and development of hot pot, the types of hot pot and the common ingredients to the students through slides and video. During this period, the teacher made some new words into small word cards and taught them to the students.

After the lecture, the teachers and students came to the Chinese restaurant to taste the delicious hot pot. The teacher led the students to review the Chinese names of various dishes through solitaire. Students learn Chinese while eating delicious food. Mahjong, the quintessence of Chinese culture, is also very popular among students.

Group Photo

Students said they should learn Chinese well and hope to have the opportunity to taste authentic sichuan malatang and hot pot in China.


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