The 2019 Chinese Culture Immersion Summer Camp Organized by the Confucius Institute of the Bahamas Concluded Successfully

[Source]    Confucius Institute at University of the Bahamas [Time]    2019-08-16 09:58:47 

In the summer of 2019, with the full support of the Confucius Institute Headquarters and Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology, the Confucius Institute of the Bahamas again successfully organized and implemented the Chinese Culture Immersion Summer Camp.

Opening Ceremony

From June 17th to June 30th, 12 university students from the Bahamas first attended a two-week Chinese Culture Workshop in Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology, covering Chinese Kungfu, Chinese Tea Art, Calligraphy, Paper Cutting, Festival Lantern Making, Sugar Figurine, Chinese knot making, Chinese Painting and etc. They also visited popular historical sites and scenic spots in Nanjing such as the Confucius Temple, Dr. Sun Yet-sun Mausoleum and Xuanwu Lake.

Chinese Culture Workshop-paper-cutting

Chinese Culture Workshop-Qipao

Chinese Culture Workshop-Calligraphy

From July 1st to 5th, the Bahamian students made cultural excursions in Beijing and Shanghai. On the afternoon of July 1st, the Bahamian university students first visited the Chinese Culture Experience Center at the Confucius Institute Headquarters. The various vivid exhibits there further deepened their understanding of Chinese culture from a new perspective. On July 2nd, the Bahamian university students came to the world-famous Great Wall, living up to the true spirit of the famous Chinese saying: “One who fails to reach the Great Wall is not a hero”, and also catching a sweeping view of the majestic Great Wall amid the spectacular surrounding rolling mountains. On July 3rd, after visiting the largest square in the world—the Tian Anmen Square, the students toured the splendid Palace Museum, experiencing the glorious ancient Chinese civilization in person. While in Beijing, they were invited to visit the Bahamian Embassy in Beijing, where they had a warm interaction with Ms. Julie Campbell.

Visiting the Confucius Institute Headquarters

Touring the Great Wall

Visiting the Bahamian Embassy in Beijing

In Shanghai, the Bahamian students were impressed with the modernity of this huge international metropolis. They strolled along the signature riverside trail of the historical Bund, lingering among the kaleidoscopic sights of the numerous towering skyscrapers and the exquisite and exotic-style historical buildings on both sides of the Huangpu River. In Shanghai, the Bahamian students also visited the historical Yu Garden, Shanghai Museum, China Art Palace, etc and also sampled the local delicacies in Shanghai.

Touring the Yu Guarden in Shanghai

On July 5th, the Bahamian students of this Trip-to-China summer camp completed their three-week Chinese Culture Immersion Program, embarking on their journey back home, with a beautiful memory of their experience in China.

by Fan Yong


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