The First Dragon Boat Festival Held Successfully by Borlänge-Wuhan Friendship City Confucius Institute

[Source]    Wuhan - Borlange friendship city Confucius Institute [Time]    2019-08-16 09:35:06 

On August 10th, local time, the Swedish city Borlänge held the first Dragon Boat Festival in the local lake district Haganas Island. Mari Jonsson, Chairman of the board and Vice Mayor of Borlänge, Tu Qian, Chinese Director of the Confucius Institute, Jorg Bassek, Foreign Director of the Confucius Institute, and the citizens from Borlänge and the cities around took part in this activity.

Dragon Boat Team Competing in the Rain

The opening ceremony of the Dragon Boat Festival was unveiled as the Vice Mayor of Borlänge Madam Mari Jonsson gave her speech ,in which she told the citizens that the dragon boat sport came from distant China and the Dragon Boat Festival this time was an important part that the Swedish Lake Festival was made up of and an important moment of the integration of Chinese and Swedish cultures. With the ethereal voice of the traditional Swedish singer rising above the lake and the acrobat flying and rolling along the colourful ribbon, Madam Mari Jonsson coloured the eyes of the dragons of the dragon boats that were going to set sail.

Madam Mari Jonsson coloured the eyes of the dragons of the dragon boats

The athletes of 5 teams from all over Sweden, who have been well-prepared after 2 weeks’ training competed fiercely. The team formed by the workers of the local construction company won the first place after 3 rounds of competition. Afterwards, Madam Mari Jonsson awarded all the teams and congratulated them, and the first Dragon Boat Festival of the Borlänge-Wuhan Friendship City Confucius Institute ended in the sea of the continual applause.

The winner team cheering

Besides the dragon boats racing, the citizens were also provided with all kinds of cultural experience activities including Chinese medicine, Chinese, Chinese Calligraphy, Taichi, origami, dragon boats jigsaw and Beijing Opera facial painting, and the Chinese food offered by the lakeside restaurant. The citizens present experienced Chinese culture via these diverse activities and gained a better understanding of Chinese culture.

Citizens participating in the Dragon Boat Cultural Game

The Swedish waters are wide with many rivers and lakes, and Sweden is known as “the country of thousand lakes”. Each year,on the second weekend of August,Darlana,one of the provinces in Sweden,has Lake Festival. Not only does it include all kinds of physical competition sports such as swimming, boat paddling, motorboat and cycling, but also entertainment activities such as bread baking and second-hand sales.

Borlänge-Wuhan Friendship City Confucius Institute,established in September last year, chose one of the traditional Chinese mass sports "dragon boat racing" as the opportunity to diffuse Chinese culture according to the local natural environment and social conditions ,taking advantages of Jianghan University, a cooperative university in China, which has won several important dragon boat competitions.

The successful launch of the first "Dragon Boat Festival" is a favourable exploration for the Borlänge-Wuhan Friendship City Confucius Institute in the search for a cultural project to "be suitable to the local conditions". Later on, the Confucius Institute will continue to work harder and make "dragon boat racing" an important brand of the Confucius Institute, not only to provide a platform to tell good Chinese stories and spread Chinese culture for the Confucius Institute but also to create a tourism cultural brand for the Borlänge municipal government.


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