2019 Pre-job Training of Chinese Directors of Confucius Institutes in Asia and Africa Completed at Dalian University of Foreign Languages

[Source]    Confucius Institute Headquarters [Time]    2019-08-13 08:50:13 

On the morning of August 8, 2019, the graduation ceremony for the 2019 pre-employment training of Chinese Director of Confucius Institutes in Asia and Africa was held at the Dalian University of Foreign Languages. Ma Jianfei, Deputy Chief Executive of the Confucius Institute Headquarters; Hua Lei, Deputy Director of the Educational Department of Liaoning Province; Liu Ximing, Director of the Board of School Administration of DUFL; Liu Hong, President of Dalian University of Foreign Languages; Jiang Fengchun, Vice President of Dalian University of Foreign Languages and the heads of various departments attended the graduation ceremony.

The training lasts for 30 days, covering professional ethics and personal cultivation, teaching and administrative management, cross-cultural communication and collaboration and other aspects. A total of 77director candidates from 56 institutions in China, including Xiamen University, Xinjiang University and University of International Business and Economics, have successfully completed the training and will soon be appointed to 69 Confucius Institutes and Confucius Classrooms in 43 countries in Asia and Africa.

Lin Haoye of Guangxi University for Nationalities spoke on behalf of all the trainees. He said that all the trainees devoted themselves wholeheartedly, learned from each other, and adopted others’ strong points while overcoming their weak points during the training period. They not only gained knowledge and experience, but also gained friendship and affection. Through this training, they have deepened their understanding of the post responsibilities of the Chinese director, improved their ability to perform the duties of directors, and further strengthened their will and determination to devote themselves to the cause of Confucius Institutes. After they takes office in the future, they will apply the knowledge and experience learned from the training to their work, remember their initial intention and mission, and make their own contribution to promoting the quality and efficiency of Confucius Institutes by taking practical actions. The representative of the trainees forwarded a thank-you letter from all the trainees to Secretary Liu Ximing.

The representative of the trainees forwarding a thank-you letter to Secretary of Dalian University of Foreign Languages Liu Ximing

In her speech, Liu Hong said that Confucius Institutes have become a model for promoting exchanges and dialogues between Chinese and foreign civilizations and learning from each other. Confucius Institutes have also set up a bridge between Chinese and foreign people, and become the backbone of promoting the Belt and Road Initiative and building a community with a shared future for mankind. In the new era, Confucius Institutes are required to improve quality and efficiency. She hoped that after taking office, all trainees will pay attention to improving teaching quality and management level, continuously strengthen research capabilities, and strengthen the construction of local teachers, so as to make greater contributions to promoting exchanges between China and the world and promoting the development of diverse and colorful world civilizations.

President of Dalian University of Foreign Languages Liu Hong delivering a speech

In her speech, Hua Lei thanked the Confucius Institute Headquarters for its long-term care and guidance to Liaoning’s educational cause and congratulated the success of the training. She pointed out that Liaoning Province, as a leading province of national education and the forefront of reform and opening up, attaches great importance to international cooperation and exchanges. So far, more than 100 universities in the province have established friendly exchanges with more than 1,000 universities, educational institutions and non-governmental organizations in other countries. In the future, Liaoning Province will continue to open up a broader development space for the future of Confucius Institutes and for the promotion of Chinese language with the spirit of courage.

Deputy Director of the Educational Department of Liaoning Province Hua Lei delivering a speech

Ma Jianfei took the last lesson of the training course for all the trainees. He combined the theme education with vivid ancestors’ stories and surrounding cases, and made demands on the trainees around “keeping the initial heart and firm belief”, “taking the mission, tackling the difficulties”, “finding the gap, improving yourselves”, “grasping the implementation, working diligently”. He encouraged everyone to forge ahead without fear of difficulties and with a high sense of honor, mission and responsibility, and practice the concept of great harmony for the world. And he looked forward to everyone’s health, safety and success.

Secretary of the Party Committee and Deputy Director-General of the Confucius Institute Headquarters Ma Jianfei delivering a speech

All the trainees singing “Me and My Motherland”

At the end of the ceremony, all the staff waved the national flag and sang “Me and My Motherland”. The ceremony ended smoothly amid passionate music.