The Chinese Choir from Burggymnasium Essen of Germany Visits the Confucius Institute Headquarters

[Source]    Confucius Institute Headquarters [Time]    2019-08-02 09:16:37 

On the morning of July 30th, 2019, the Chinese choir from Burggymnasium Essen of Germany visited the Confucius Institute Headquarters and held talks with Ma Jianfei, Deputy Chief Executive of the Confucius Institute Headquarters. The choir sang the classic Chinese songs such as “On the Hopeful Field”, “My Beautiful Hometown”, “Jasmine”, “Chengdu”, and “The Same Song”.

Tobias Langer, Principle of Burggymnasium Essen, said that, over the past 5 years since its establishment, under the loving care of Professor Peng Liyuan and the strong support of the Confucius Institute Headquarters, the Chinese choir has experienced rapid growth and had widespread effects. It has been invited many times to perform at the major events such as the China-Germany Year of Language program with overwhelming responses. This March, the school held the “Direction of Dreams” 5th Anniversary Concert and recorded an album of the Concert. During the visit to China, the school and Sichuan Conservatory of Music have also co-organized the China-Germany exchange show with great success.

Tobias Langer expressed that the establishment of the choir has also further promoted the development of Chinese language teaching. As the only school in Germany to include Chinese language lectures in graduation test, the school has now 150 students and has won the championship of the “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign Secondary School Students in the German division for 4 years in a row. In the future, the school plans to set up music classrooms with the Chinese side so as to push forward the all-dimensional China-Germany exchanges in language, culture, and art together.

Andre Portnov and Juho Szurawitzki, representatives of the students, said that learning to sing Chinese songs can not only help them improve the Chinese language proficiency, but also promote the interflow and connectivity of different cultures with music as a carrier. They will live up to the encouragement from Professor Peng Liyuan, continue to work hard to learn the Chinese language and sing Chinese songs, and act as the messengers to promote the friendship between China and Germany.

Ma Jianfei expressed that Burggymnasium Essen enjoys a long history and high reputation. In just 5 years since its establishment, the Chinese choir has made outstanding achievements and received the loving care and high praise from Professor Peng Liyuan. The Confucius Institute Headquarters will continue to support the Chinese language teaching at Burggymnasium Essen, send additional excellent teachers, and provide free books, scholarships, summer camps and other targeted supports so as to cultivate more young talents to promote the friendly exchanges between China and Germany. Meanwhile, the two sides reached a consensus to strengthen the exchanges and cooperation with China Conservatory of Music and other professional schools to launch the alliance programs of Chinese music classrooms and choir around the globe, so as to promote the successful model of Burggymnasium Essen and create a new brand of “Chinese + Music” education.

Further Reading: Burggymnasium Essen is located in the center of Essen in Ruhr, an industrial area in Germany. The predecessor to the school was a Catholic Foundation school founded in 852 AD which was later changed to a state-run school in 1942. The school is one of the 12 oldest public gymnasiums in the German-speaking region of Europe and has long enjoyed a good reputation in the Ruhr area. On June, 2014, the school and the Confucius Institute Metropole Ruhr at the University of Duisburg-Essen signed a cooperation agreement to become the latter’s affiliated teaching site.

In March, 2014, during President Xi Jinping’s state visit to Germany, Professor Peng Liyuan visited Burggymnasium Essen where she inspected the Chinese language teaching and had friendly conversations with teachers and students. At the suggestion of Professor Peng, the Chinese choir from Burggymnasium Essen was formally established. In October, 2016, at the invitation of Professor Peng Liyuan, the Chinese choir performed at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse and was highly praised by Professor Peng Liyuan.