President the University of New Hampshire (UNH) Visits Confucius Institute Headquarters and Renews Cooperation Agreement on Confucius Institute

[Source]    Confucius Institute Headquarters [Time]    2019-07-09 18:17:21 

On July 2nd, Ma Jianfei, Deputy Chief Executive of the Confucius Institute Headquarters met the delegation of UNH led by President Jame W.Dean Jr. at the Confucius Institute Headquarters. The two sides had an in-depth exchange of views on the status quo and the future development of the Confucius Institute at UNH, and held the signing ceremony for the agreement renewal of the Confucius Institute at UNH.

Ma Jianfei first welcomed the arrival of President Jame W.Dean Jr. and extended gratitude to his enthusiastic concerns and considerable support for the Confucius Institute at UNH. He pointed out that the Confucius Institute has always been committed to the school mission of meeting the global needs of learning Chinese language and understanding China. In accordance with the principles of mutual respect, friendly consultation, equality and mutual interest, the Confucius Institute Headquarters has carried out educational cooperation and established over 500 Confucius Institutes and more than 1000 Confucius Classrooms in 155 countries which serve as a window for the world to learn Chinese language and understand China and receive wide welcome and acclaim. The Confucius Institute at UNH, with its sound operation and rapid development for 10 years, is no doubt the role model of Confucius Institutes in the United States. The Confucius Institute Headquarters appreciates that and will continue to provide support to the development of Confucius Institute as always. At present, there are some misunderstandings and different voices about the Confucius Institute. In response to that, we encourage the transparent operation of school and welcome people from all walks of life to visit the Confucius Institute and China in person, to listen to the feelings and thoughts of the students and teachers at the Confucius Institute, so as to have a real picture of the operation at the Confucius Institute. Taking this ceremony as an opportunity, the Confucius Institute Headquarters hopes to embark on a new journey of the Confucius Institute with UNG and the Chengdu University (CDU), so that college students and teachers and locals could enjoy better quality services of learning Chinese language and understanding China.

President Jame W.Dean Jr. spoke highly of China’s positive role in enhancing mutual understanding and friendship between China and the United State. He added that, since its founding, the Confucius Institute at UNH has not only made critical contributions to its Chinese language teaching and culture diversity, but also established a precious platform for promoting communication and deepening cooperation between UNH and Chinese colleges including CDU. He took pride in the achievements made by the Confucius Institute. Acknowledging that this is his first international visit as the president of UNH, he was very pleased to visit the Confucius Institute Headquarters and extend the cooperative agreements. The Confucius Institute gives American people an opportunity to learn Chinese language and learn about China, serving as a bridge that contributes to the in-depth exchanges between China and the United State. The work of developing the Confucius Institute becomes increasingly important and significant as bilateral relations are going through harder times.

After the meeting, both sides signed the Agreement Renewal of the Confucius Institute between the University of New Hampshire of United States and the Confucius Institute Headquarters. In his speech, President Jame W.Dean Jr. expressed that it is a great honor to renew the cooperative agreements on behalf of UNH, and that he looks forward to striving for new achievements at the Confucius Institute of UHN with the Chinese side by taking this moment as a new starting point.

The Confucius Institute at UNH was founded in June, 2010 as the only Confucius Institute in New Hampshire. Since its establishment, it has sought to fit into UNH and the local community and open up a wide range of Chinese language teaching and Chinese cultural programs based on the diversified needs of Chinese language learning. So far, 4 Confucius Classrooms and 16 teaching sites have been set up in New Hampshire, becoming a flagship brand for Chinese teaching and receiving wide acclaim among local college students, teachers and the community.

On June 28th, Brad Farnsworth, Vice Chairman of the American Council on Education (ACE), visited the Confucius Institute Headquarters and held talks with Ma Jianfei on the situation of the Confucius Institutes in the United States and the future cooperation between the two sides. Ma Jianfei introduced the development of the Confucius Institute worldwide and reaffirmed the founding tenet, educational nature, operational mode, contributions and values of the Confucius Institute. He underlined that since the Confucius Institute is committed to enhancing mutual understanding between the two peoples, and it should play an more special role in people-to-people and cultural exchanges and focus on the long-term development of China-US relations when the bilateral relations are not smooth. The Confucius Institute Headquarters is willing to expand cooperation with ACE, American colleges, institutions and industry associations, in an effort to make sure that Confucius Institutes operate legally in the United State, cater to local demands and wishes, and play a positive role in promoting Chinese-US educational exchanges and cooperation. Brad Farnsworth praised the flexibility given by the Confucius Institute Headquarters to the Confucius Institutes in the United States and the respect given to their development in line with local conditions. He added that ACE and its members all highly recognize the positive role of Confucius Institute in Chinese language teaching and people-to-people and cultural exchanges. ACE is willing to cooperate with the Confucius Institute Headquarters to support its development in the United States. ACE, the most important and influential association of higher education in the United States, includes members of various degree-granting institutions and more than 1800 university leaders.