Opening Ceremony of Cambridge Tour of Jingdezhen Ceramic Exhibition Held

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Queen Mary University of London [Time]    2019-06-28 17:02:44 

On June 18th, local time, the opening ceremony of Cambridge Tour of Jingdezhen Ceramic Exhibition was held at Cambridge Guildhall. Supported by the China National Arts Fund, the exhibition was co-sponsored by Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute, the Confucius Institute at Queen Mary University of London, the Cambridge Art & Design Centre, the United Kingdom Jiangxi Chamber of Commerce, the UK China Jiangxi Association, the Cambridge Chinese Community Centre, the Cambridge China Centre, and the China-Britain Science and Culture Association.

Gerri Bird, Mayor of Cambridge, and Lily Bacon, The Queen’s representative of Cambridgeshire, attended the ceremony and gave speeches. Other attendees included Lewis Herbert, Speaker of the Cambridge City Council, renowned professors from the University of Cambridge, representatives of Chinese and British art and cultural circles, the international media, ceramists, as well as about 200 local people.

Ms.Bird expressed her sincere welcome to Chinese ceramic artists to hold this Exhibition at Cambridge, and appreciation to the exhibits.

Gerri Bird delivering a speech

Lily Bacon noted in her speech that this Exhibition provides a good opportunity to promote and fuel the China-UK exchanges in contemporary art and culture.

Lily Bacon delivering a speech

Wang Yongli, Minister Counselor for Education at the Chinese Embassy to the UK, sent a letter to congratulate on the success of this Exhibition. Lou Zun, Chinese Director of the Confucius Institute at Queen Mary University of London, read the letter. “The ceramic has long been a symbol of Chinese civilization and the bridge for China-UK exchanges. The works of 60 top ceramicists in Jingdezhen, the capital of ceramic, have made a long journey to get here. It not only picks up the baton of the China-UK exchanges, but also carries it forward”, Wang said in the letter.

Lou Zun reading the letter

In his speech, Ning Gang, President of Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute, reviewed the achievements of China-UK exchanges and mutual learning in ceramic culture and art in recent years.

Ning Gang delivering a speech

The guests together launched the inauguration of the Cambridge Ceramic Art Research Centre.

This exhibition displayed 70 pieces of ceramics, including painted ceramics, ceramic sculptures and modern ceramics made by 60 top-notch ceramists from Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute. The craft and techniques of the exhibits consisted of famille rose, antique color, polychrome painting and high temperature coloured glaze and blue-and-white. There were not only traditional Chinese court glaze and coloured decoration, but also modern expressionism and idealism. The exhibition revealed contemporary ceramic artistic styles and achievements in China, representing the cutting-edge innovation of ceramic art.

Exhibition of ceramic works

After the opening ceremony, a forum on contemporary ceramic art was held. Li Yanzu, Professor in Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University, and Cao Aiqin, ‘Master Ceramic Artist’ participated in an on-the-spot interview, Dialogue with Masters, and made academic discussions on such issues as the inheritance of handmade ceramics and the development of modern ceramics.

Scene of the forum

Huang Huanyi, Professor in Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute, delivered an academic lecture on “Philosophy and Culture Through Works--Appreciation of Works by Professors in Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute”. Li Baoping, a famous Chinese ceramic connoisseur, gave a lecture of ceramic culture on “Stories of Chinese Porcelains in British Museum”. In the interaction part, they and other ceramists exchanged opinions in terms of current development of modern ceramics with the audience.

Story by Wu Yushuang


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