Confucius Institute Joins Four Counties at Betong Municipality in Ink Painting Exhibition and Competition

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Betong Municipality, Thailand [Time]    2019-06-24 14:56:22 

On June 10th, jointly sponsored by the Penang Ink Painting Association of Malaysia, the Confucius Institute at Betong Municipality, Betong Education Bureau, Jong Fa Foundation School, and Kwong Wah Daily of Malaysia, a grand ink painting exhibition and children’s painting competition were held at the Great Hall of Jong Fa Foundation School. This event was attended by more than 400 people, including Raschada Jo Jiwalai, Consul General of Thailand in Penang, Malaysia, Anan Boonsamram, Bedong County Magistrate, Somyot Lertlamyong, Mayor of Betong City and Thai Director of the Confucius Institute at Betong Municipality, Paitoon Pankaew, Director of the Betong Education Bureau, Ang Tin Kean, President of the Penang Ink Painting Association of Malaysia, Adul Jirapaisankul, Chairman of Council of Jong Fa Foundation School and Chairman of Benevolent Association, Lee Hin Chan, General Manager of Kwong Wah Daily, Malaysia, Loke Gim Tay, Vice President of the Singapore-China Friendship Association in Singapore, Ali Johnsen, the director of XunBao, Chen Wen, Chinese Director of the Confucius Institute at Betong Municipality, and leaders of associations in Betong, painters from Thailand and Malaysia, executives of Confucius Institutes, principals, teachers and students from various schools.

With the purpose of promoting cultural communication among China, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore, this exhibition presented the charm of Chinese ink painting. First, the event started with a grand ribbon-cutting ceremony, at which Chen Wen, Ang Tin Kean,Loke Gim Tay, Lee Hin Chan, Adul Jirapaisankul, Somyot Lertlamyong, Anan Boonsamram, Raschada Jo Jiwalai in turn came on stage to cut the ribbon. With a writing brush in hand, each guest wrote one stroke of the Chinese character fu and made it complete, expressing their best wishes for the success of this event and for the long-lasting friendship among the four countries.

Guests cutting the ribbon

Afterwards, the guests gave speeches respectively. Somyot Lertlamyong said that the exhibition was a very meaningful activity because it not only increased the popularity of Betong, but also expanded the influence of Chinese culture.

Betong citizens at the ink painting exhibition

The exhibition showcased 47 works provided by the Malaysian Ink Painting Association and nearly 40 paintings by primary and secondary school students in Betong. The guests visited the exhibition.

Display of Children’s painting competition works

With melodious classical music, the event reached another climax. 40 painters and calligraphy and painting lovers from Malaysia, Thailand, and China created a 40- meter long ink painting together. Their causal and elegant movements in doing the painting attracted many teachers and students and won their admiration.

Creating a long scroll of Chinese ink painting

The eager student onlookers tried their hand in the painting competition. The participating students were required to finish a complete ink painting within 30 minutes. With great confidence, they pained seriously. After a very competitive contest, Tun Suwanmanee won the championship.

Chinese painting competition

Guests taking photos with the winning students

The Confucius institute at Betong Municipality has been committed to promoting Chinese culture. This time, it assisted the municipal government in hosting this event, further promoting the Chinese culture and deepening the friendship among the four countries.

Story by Yuan Yuwei


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