Confucius Institute at the University of Western Australia Holds Master Class for Taijiquan Lovers

[Source]    Confucius Institute at the University of Western Australia [Time]    2019-06-13 13:29:15 

On June 1st, Chen Xiaowang, 19th Generation Lineage Holder of Chen Family Taijiquan, held his first lecture for master class in Perth. The event was sponsored by the Confucius Institute at the University of Western Australia and the Tai Chi Association of Australia. Tang Xiaohui, President of the Tai Chi Association of Australia, Liang Qiao, President of the Association of Great China, Wu Yue, President of Western Australia Shenzhen Association Incorporated, and Xu Qin, Chinese Director of the Confucius Institute at the University of Western Australia attended the event. Nearly 100 Taijiquan masters and lovers gathered to discuss and exchange ideas.

In the lecture, Chen Xiaowang introduced the history and development of Chen Family Taijiquan in detail. He shared that Chen Wangting, Chen's ancestor, devoted himself to studying martial arts for decades and founded Chen Family Taijiquan after the demise of the Ming Dynasty. Keegan, a Taijiquan learner, thought the lecture was interesting. He had never known the history and theory of Chen style Taijiquan before. The lecture deepened his understanding of Chen Family Taijiquan.

In the lecture

Later, Chen Xiaowang led his disciples to demonstrate the basic movements of Taijiquan and explain the techniques of posture. During the practicing, 17 local club leaders lined up to perform with natural and elegant movements.

Chen Xiaowang was demonstrating

In the Q&A session, the learners asked questions about Chen Family Taijiquan’s unique “setting the mind” to Chen Xiaowang and he answered them one by one. After that, the learners were eager to try to practice. Chen Xiaowang came to the learners and carefully corrected their posture while asking their physical feelings and reminding them of the movement techniques.

Learners’ standing exercise

Gawain Siu, a senior Taijiquan master, has been practicing Taijiquan for more than 40 years. He said that he felt more comfortable and breathed more smoothly when practicing standing exercise after adjusting his posture.

The lecture not only provided a chance for Perth people to get closer contact with Chinese Taijiquan culture, but also promoted exchanges between Taijiquan masters and lovers in Western Australia.

Story by Chen Beibei