Confucius Institute at University of the Bahamas Hosts HSK/HSKK Series Tests for Spring Semester

[Source]    Confucius Institute at University of the Bahamas [Time]    2019-05-28 17:14:22 

On May 11th , the Confucius Institute at University of the Bahamas (UB) hosted a major HSK/HSKK series tests. Altogether 33 candidates sat the tests, which set a record for the number of test-takers on a single day. Apart from the full-time UB students registered in credit mandarin courses offered by the Confucius Institute and part-time students attending non-credit mandarin courses, there are also faculty of the university and learners of Chinese language outside the campus. The oldest test taker is 68 while the youngest is only 12.

The scene of HSK 1 test

During the month before the tests, the Confucius Institute organized several mock tests for the candidates to familiarize them with the types of test questions and relevant requirements as well as the whole test procedure. Besides, the CI designed a “FAQ for HSK Test Takers” with detailed instructions on the tests in accordance with the official “Manual for Administering HSK and HSKK”. About a week before the test day, the vigilators for the tests from the Confucius Institute studied the “Manual for Administering HSK and HSKK” carefully and identified their respective duties and responsibilities.

On the early morning of May 11th, the Chinese and Bahamian staff/faculty of the Confucius Institute arrived at the test room one hour and a half before the test began to set up the test room, pasting seat numbers and test room markers and examining audio and recording devices. HSK and HSKK test started on time and concluded successfully.

the test takers concentrating on answering the questions

In recent years, with the continuous expansion of Chinese language education in the Bahamas, the number of test takers of the different categories of Chinese proficiency tests hosted by the Confucius Institute is also increasing steadily. The number of test takers for the whole year of 2018 increased by 200% compared with that of 2017. Between January and May, the Confucius Institute hosted HSK/HSKK tests 6 times with the total number of test takers increasing by 68% over the same period of 2018.

By Fan Yong


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