Confucius Institute at SF State Supports 2019 Chinese Bridge Chinese Proficiency Competition—Pre-competition of San Francisco

[Source]    Confucius Institute at San Francisco State University,USA [Time]    2019-05-15 17:48:30 

On May 4th, local time, 2019 Chinese Bridge - Chinese Proficiency Competition—Pre-competition of San Francisco was successfully held at Consulate General of P. R. China in San Francisco. 17 contestants, 7 college students and 10 high school students, from 5 Confucius Institutes in Northwestern U.S. joined the competition.

As one of the supporting institutions for Chinese Bridge Contest, Confucius Institute at San Francisco State University (SF State) helped the host in preparing the even, including promotion, scheduling for competition, communication with students and teachers, volunteers, and providing Master of Ceremony, photographer, film making and sound system control, to ensure all sessions of the competition move smoothly.

Confucius Institute at SF State recommend 2 college students and 4 high school students (2 top winners from 3rd Capital Cup Chinese Contest hosted by the Confucius Classroom at Western Sierra Collegiate Academy and 2 top winners from 2019 Mandarin Speech Contest hosted by Chinese Language Teacher Association of California) to compete with the contestants from other CIs.

Chinese Director Liping Feng as MC for the Competition

The competition was a golden opportunity for all contestants recommended by Confucius Institutes and Confucius Classrooms from SF State, UC-Davis, Portland State University, the State of Washington, and University of Alaska-Anchorage to demonstrate their Chinese language proficiency and present their knowledge about China and Chinese cultural skills. To support the host in organizing the competition, the team of Confucius Institute at SF State assisted in sharing experiences and offering suggestions on event scheduling and planning the annual regional Chinese Bridge Competition. All CI faculty and volunteer students got involved in all aspects, designing competition question data base, making rubrics for the three sessions of the contest and scoring forms, designing a special Q&A section - “Knowledge about Chinese Characters” for the event and all related services to make the regional competition a successful conclusion. Education Counselor Jun Tang highly praised the Confucius Institute for the cooperation and contributions to the contest.

Speech presented by Paige Strockis

Poem recital presented by Bakari Smith

Speech presented by Christine Herbst

Speech presented by Roya Ahmadi

Taiko performance presented by Kylie Kubota

Poem recital presented by Clara Carroll

CI at SF State recommended two college students and four high school students to compete in the contest, showing their advanced level of Chinese language and cultural knowledge. Paige Strockis made her speech on her Chinese learning experience. Bakari Smith shared a heartfelt story about his family. For four high school students, Christine Herbst told us unforgettable experiences with her Chinese sister - an exchange student. Roya Ahmadi explained her understanding about “Where there is a will there is a way”. Kylie Kubota made a great performance of Taiko drum and earned a huge applause. Clara Carroll presented her poem recital to all audience.

Award Presentation

No pains, no gains. With the great enthusiasm and passion for learning the Chinese language and culture, the six participants concentrated on their speech presentations, knowledge responses and cultural performances, which reflected their hardworking on the language learning and practice, great and remarkable achievements, and amazing outcomes. Their teachers and parents have every reason to be proud of them for winning awards recognized by five professional judges. . We, at Confucius Institute at SF State, feel grateful for their teachers who helped the students reach the goal and prepared them for the future building of Friendship Bridge between the two great countries. Paige Strockis got the first place and Bakari Smith got the second place in the group of college students. For the secondary school students, Christine Herbst got the first place, Roya Ahmadi got the second place, Kylie Kubota and Clara Carroll got the third. Both Paige and Christine will be recommended by the host to participate the Chinese Bridge Final Competitions in China sponsored by Hanban. Confucius Institute at SF State will continuously support the top winners for their trip to China to compete with selected students from all over the world in China, and hope that they will make great accomplishments.

Group Photo

Confucius Institute at SF State has a remarkable history of recommending and supporting excellent students to join the Chinese Bridge - Chinese Proficiency Final Competition in China. In 2017, high school student Kaylee Doty recommended by CI at SF State got the World Team Champion in the Final Competition. The Confucius Institute played a very important role in promoting Chinese language and culture education on campus and in communities through all programs including Chinese Bridge Competition. Every effort all CI Team members paid for more than 10 years is worth it.