First Chinese Corner Kicks Off at Confucius Classroom at Mount Clear College

[Source]    The Confucius Classroom at Mount Clear College [Time]    2019-05-10 14:18:35 

On May 2nd, local time, the first Chinese Corner was opened officially at the Confucius Classroom at Mount Clear College.The Corner was jointly hosted by Jun Wang, a local teacher of Chinese, and Jijun Yang, Chinese Director of the Confucius Classroom.

Jijun Yang gave a welcome speech to both Chinese and Australian students. Then he talked about the importance of learning Chinese and encouraged everybody to speak Chinese at the Chinese Corner bravely.

Jijun Yang talking about the importance of Chinese learning

Jun Wang gave a short talk about how to learn Chinese well based on her experience of learning English.

Guided by Allan Wang and Li Wang, Chinese teachers, and Jijun Yang, all the people present introduced themselves in Chinese, and then started to chat in Chinese. When Jijun Yang asked some students why they enjoyed learning Chinese, one student said his grandpa was a Chinese and the others said that Chinese could help them to find decent jobs. When the local students had difficulties in speaking Chinese, both Chinese teachers and students offered them instant help and guidance.

The second part of the Corner was the game of Chinese whispers. Everybody was standing in two lines. When Jijun Yang told the message to the first students in the two groups, they passed it on to the next one. When the last student spoke out the sentence, the message was even very different. The game was done four times and the result was the same almost every time! The whole event was full of joy and laughter.

Students doing Chinese whisper games

When the Corner came to the end, all the students felt that the Chinese Corner was interesting and helpful for their Chinese learning and said they would come to it every Thursday afternoon.


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