Confucius Institute at Azerbaijan University of Languages Holds Chinese Language Day Activity “I Love Chinese Language”

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Azerbaijan University of Languages [Time]    2019-05-09 11:31:11 

On April 23rd, 2019, the Confucius Institute of Azerbaijan University of Languages held the 2019 “I Love Chinese Language” activity to celebrate the 10th United Nations Chinese Language Day. The Azerbaijan and Chinese directors of the Confucius Institute, all Chinese language teachers, some other teachers and students of the university participated in the event.

At the beginning, Rafig Abbasov, Azerbaijan Director of the Confucius Institute, said in his speech, “As one of the six official languages of the United Nations, Chinese is not only the one with the longest history, but also the most widely used in the world today. I hope you can experience its interest through this Chinese Language Day event. Welcome to join the big family of Chinese learners. And learning Chinese well can promote cultural exchanges and mutual learning between Azerbaijan and China.”

Rafig delivering a speech

In the sound of beautiful music, the event officially opened. The “Jinghong” dance was so charming and graceful that plenty of students were attracted; The cucurbit flute solo performance “Night at the Military Port” was melodious and well received by the audience; “Love”, “Want to Sing Myself to You”, “Don’tYou Know” and other different styles of Chinese songs, throughthe enthusiasticperformance of students in the Confucius Institute, were either melodious or touching, winning bursts of applause. Finally, “Back from the Country Fair ah lili”, the folk song of Yi nationality,sung by teachers of the Confucius Institute was very appealing and gave the audience a glimpse of different customs of Chinese minorities.

The performance

Six exhibition stands of Chinese culture were set up, including that of calligraphy, traditional Chinese painting, tea art show, promotion of Chinese characters, paper-cutting, Peking Opera facial makeup and so on, aiming at attracting more students to experience Chinese culture through these participatory and interesting activities.

What was touching was that Professor Mammad, as a senior student and a loyal fan of the Confucius Institute, worked all night with his wife to make several Chinese paintings and calligraphy works. Among them, the exhibits of “Dragon Flies for a Thousand Miles” and “Phoenix Sings in the Field” amazed everyone in the conference hall and deeply touched the hearts of teachers and students at the scene. This is the true portrayal of the friendship between teachers and students of the Confucius Institute, and writes a strong and colorful brush for the Chinese-Azerbaijan cultural exchange.

Mammad painting

In the exhibition stand of “Freehand Chinese Painting”, there were exquisite works of Mammad and teachers of the Confucius Institute, attracting many students to appreciate. At the stand of “Living Charm of Calligraphy”, students were very interested in asking the teachers to translate their names into Chinese and write them down with a brush as a souvenir. At the “Peking Opera Facial Makeup” stand, students painted colorful and creative facial makeups according to their own preferences, making vivid traditional Chinese Peking Opera images. “Beautiful Chinese Characters” stand introduced the style of the seal character and invited students to participate in the scrabble game to feel the charm of Chinese characters up close. In front of the “Tea Art Show” stand, Chinese language students demonstrated the traditional tea art process, giving people a taste of the beauty of Chinese classical tea art in an exotic style. At the exhibition stand of “Interesting Paper Cutting”, the teachers of the Confucius Institute prepared varied Chinese paper cutting, which made the students eager to have a try. The atmosphere was warm and audience was enthusiastic.

Tea art show

Painting facial makeup

April 20th is the “Guyu” day of the 24 solar terms in the Chinese lunar calendar. It is the tenth year since the United Nations Department of Public Information announced in 2010 that the “Chinese Language Day” will be set on the “Guyu” day to commemorate the contribution of Cang Jie, the founder of Chinese characters. Chinese language is an important carrier of Chinese civilization and a bridge between China and the world. Different from other languages featuring alphabetic writing, Chinese language belongs to hieroglyphics, which makes it have unique attributes and artistic aesthetics. Holding Chinese Language Day activity will help further expand the influence of the Chinese language and enable more people to contact and understand China’s time-honored civilization and splendid culture. Only when more people understand and learn Chinese can they better understand the connotation of Chinese culture and the philosophy of the live of Chinese people, and enhance their sense of recognition with China. The enhancement of language communication power is conducive to enhancing national cultural influence and national soft power. Through this event, the Confucius Institute at Azerbaijan University of Languages is playing an increasingly important role in in cultural exchanges between China and Azerbaijan, building a bridge of culture and friendship between the two countries.