2019 Joint Conference of Confucius Institutes in Arab Countries Held in Dubai

[Source]    Confucius Institute Headquarters [Time]    2019-05-07 17:42:45 

On April 28th, the Joint Conference of Confucius Institutes in Arab Countries was held in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Hamad Al Yahiai, Assistant Undersecretary of the UAE Ministry of Education; Eesa Mohammed Bastaki, President of the University of Dubai; Tan Li, Acting Consul-General of the Chinese Consulate-General in Dubai; Yu Yunfeng, Deputy Chief Executive of Confucius Institute Headquarters and Deputy Director General of Hanban; and Li Xing, Director of the School Council of Ningxia University, attended the opening ceremony and delivered speeches.

Yahiai said that the Belt and Road Initiative, put forward by Chinese President Xi Jinping, had received warm responses from the Arab world, which has become China’s important partner in the Belt and Road construction. The UAE would introduce China to more and more people by promoting Chinese language, thus deepening China-Arab friendship and bringing their cooperation to a new stage.

Tan Li pointed out that, like the ever closer China-Arab relations, the popularity of Chinese language was reaching an all-time high. She hoped the Confucius Institutes in Arab countries would seize this opportunity to shoulder the great responsibility of teaching Chinese as a foreign language and promoting Chinese culture, and make greater contributions to promoting China-Arab friendly exchanges.

Yu Yunfeng said that the new policies and measures in Chinese language education adopted recently in the UAE and Saudi Arabia would certainly serve as a good example in this region and attract more Arab countries to include Chinese language as part of their national educational systems, making Chinese an important language widely learned by the Arab people and a golden key to promoting communication and understanding between the two peoples. He hoped that Confucius Institutes in Arab countries would lay a solid foundation for further development by always focusing on connotative development, advance and improve their localization, and find their right place to follow a unique road of development. She also hoped that Confucius Institutes would proactively strengthen cooperation to promote regional coordinated development, boost the digital transformation of Confucius Institutes by actively adopting modern science and technology, do their best in telling stories about Confucius Institutes and provide a better environment for the development of Confucius Institutes.

Bastaki noted that this conference represented a grand gathering for cultural and people-to-people exchanges, which would promote the understanding and inclusiveness among different ethnic groups with different cultures, and advance the development of Confucius Institutes in Arab countries, making them a source of wisdom for the Arab countries in jointly contributing to the Belt and Road Initiative. Li Xing expressed the determination of Ningxia University to increase investment and deepen cooperation, so as to make due contributions to the development of Confucius Institutes at the University of Dubai.

During the conference, the delegates held discussions on such topics as “cooperation and development of regional Confucius Institutes”, “performance management of Confucius Institutes” and “sustainable development of Confucius Institutes”. With Confucius Institute Headquarters as its sponsor and the Confucius Institute at the University of Dubai the organizer, the conference was attended by more than 80 representatives of 17 Confucius Institutes (classrooms), some Chinese partner institutions and overseas Chinese enterprises from 10 Arab countries.


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