Opening of First Chinese Class for 3rd Age of Ballarat

[Source]    Confucius Classroom at Mount Clear College [Time]    2019-05-03 13:46:37 

On April 24 local time, the First Chinese Class for the 3rd age of Ballarat, jointly hosted by the Confucius Classroom of Mount Clear College and the University of the 3rd Age of Ballarat, was opened officially at the Confucius Classroom of Mount Clear College.

The opening ceremony was hosted by Jenny Bromley, the Vice-Principal of Mount Clear College and Director of the Confucius Classroom, and Jijun Yang, Chinese Director of the Confucius Classroom.

Jenny Bromley expressed her warm welcome to the ten students and expected that everybody will enjoy their study of the Chinese language and culture at the Confucius Classroom.

Jenny Bromley is giving a welcome speech

Then Jijun Yang gave a brief introduction about the importance of learning Chinese, the history and development of Chinese characters. The students truly experienced the charm of Chinese characters and said that they would be more interested in learning Chinese after learning about the Chinese characters’ development process from oracle bone scripts to regular scripts and the depict of hieroglyphics.

Jijun Yang is talking about the development of Chinese characters

Jijun Yang and Li Wang co-taught the following class. All the students participated in the classroom activities enthusiastically and asked questions constantly. One student asked:” How long do you think this program will last?” “As long as you like!”Jijun Yang answered. All of them were very happy and expressed that they would be persistent in learning.

Jijun Yang is interacting with a student in class

During the break,Li Wang showed the students how to make Chinese tea and invited everyone to have a taste. Meanwhile, Jijun Yang talked about the types, drinking courtesy and benefits of Chinese tea. All the students deepened their understanding of the Chinese tea culture while drinking.