2019 Spring Chinese Workshop on Chinese Teaching- Beneficial to 100 Local Teachers in Northern California

[Source]    Confucius Institute at San Francisco State University,CA,USA [Time]    2019-04-28 16:09:56 

The Confucius Institute at San Francisco State University (CI at SFSU) successfully hosted 2019 Spring Workshop in two sessions on Chinese Teaching for local Chinese language teachers and educators, featuring the most needed and practical topics. The first session at California State University (CSU)-Sacramento on Saturday, March 30, co-hosted by CI at SFSU and Confucius Classroom at Western Sierra Collegiate Academy (WSCA), and the second session took place at San Francisco State University on Sunday, March 31. The two sessions made it possible and convenient for all teachers who were interested in learning content knowledge about Chinese language and enhancing teaching skills. Over 100 participants from great Sacramento-Davis Area and San Francisco Bay Area got this professional training opportunity to interact with presenters and network with colleagues in the field.

The participants

Director Jiaxin Xie, CI at SFSU, and Ms. Peggy Kao, master teacher form Confucius Classroom at WSCA, jointly delivered welcome remarks to kick off the Spring Workshop, emphasizing importance of teacher training for quality of Chinese teaching and learning, confirming that Confucius Institute and Confucius Classroom would continue providing more opportunities for teacher training. To support the workshop, Mr. Scott Crosson, Assistant Principal of Western Sierra Collegiate Academy and Dr. Curtis Dean Smith, Chair of Department of World Languages at CSU-Sacramento, jointed the hosts to welcome all participating teachers and guest presenter, expressing strong expectation for improving Chinese education in local schools and university.

Jiaxin Xie and Peggy Kao delivering welcome remarks

Prof. Liping Feng, Chinese Director of the Confucius Institute,made brief introduction to the presenter. Prof. Yongping Zhu, Associated Professor and Chair of Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures, University of Notre Dame, a well-known presenter and training expert came to the 2019 Spring Workshop – Session I to deliver a special presentation on How to Conduct a Successful Chinese Class. This hands-on workshop introduced a practical teaching approach to promoting effective and fun-filled classroom activities including teacher-student interaction in doing pattern drills, grammatical knowledge and vocabulary exercises, motivation and classroom management, etc. Prof. Yongping Zhu selected a beginning level lesson as a mock-up model and invited a local young teacher to follow his suggestion and guidelines to demo a short piece of teaching. It led all the participants to discuss the teaching methods and classroom activities, meaningful grammatical points, as well as vocabulary learning. The presenter also demonstrated all the skills needed to successfully implement the teaching plan with appropriate uses of gestures and other skills in a language classroom and discussed the uses of PPT, pictures, flash cards and props conductive of actual language learning in class.

Liping Feng moderating the workshop

At the Workshop – Session II at SFSU, Prof. Yongping Zhu made a presentation on Theory and Pedagogy: Linguistic Knowledge and Its Application in Classroom Teaching. The presenter provided some suggestions for the quantity and quality of pattern drills in class by utilizing the Markedness Theory and Relevance Theory to analyze the result of a survey of the acquisition of Chinese resultative verb complements. By doing it, the time for teaching could be more efficient and student learning can be maximized in the classroom. All the participants realized the importance and significance of the theory in teaching and learning. In the second part, through a video of classroom teaching by Ms. Ning Zhang, a Chinese teacher from Lowell High School, all the participants discussed the strengths and weaknesses of her teaching method.

Yongping Zhu introducing the Markedness theory

At the end of the workshop, CI at SFSU prepared some raffle books as awards to appreciate and encourage participating schools and teachers. The Confucius Institute would welcome all school and teachers to be part of Chinese teaching and learning system to enhance students’ Chinese proficiency for facing the 21st century challenge.

Awards for Participating Teachers

The 2019 Workshop was well organized. All participants felt inspired by the teaching theory and methods shared by training experts. As regular programs of CI at SFSU, the semester workshops have become important professional training opportunities for local Chinese language teachers and those who are enthusiastic in teaching Chinese language and culture in Northern California. The CI will host Summer Institute on Chinese Language Teaching in June 2019. A well-designed curriculum and strong faculty for the Summer Institute will be the best choice for Chinese language teachers in Summer 2019!


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