Yue Opera, Celebrity Version of “Butterfly Lovers” Staged at Wesleyan College Porter Auditorium

[Source]    Wesleyan College Confucius Institute [Time]    2019-04-22 13:47:14 

Supported by China National Arts Fund and produced by Zhejiang Shaoxing Performing Arts Co.,Ltd., the celebrity-version of Yue opera “Butterfly Lovers” was staged at Porter Auditorium of Wesleyan College on April 14th. Vivia•Fower, President of Wesleyan College, all members of faculty and students and people from all walks of life attended the show.


Nicholas•Steneck, Foreign Director of Wesleyan College Confucius Institute presided over the performance. In Vivian’s speech, she showed gratitude for the performance brought by troupe of the celebrity-version “Butterfly Lovers” to Wesleyan College, which offered the opportunity for local people to feel the charm of China’s Yue opera culture. Later, she presented an honorary certificate to Zhejiang Shaoxing Performing Arts Co.,Ltd.

Vivian presenting the honorary certificate

“Butterfly Lovers” was performed by national first-class actors and winners of the Plum Blossom Prize. “Butterfly Lovers”, also known as “Liang Shanbo and zhu Yingtai” is one of the four folk love stories in China, honored as the “Romeo and Juliet” of the east. As one of the five Chinese operas, Yue opera ranked the first in China’s local operas. From ancient times to the present, countless people have been moved by the touching romance in “Butterfly Lovers”, which can be definitely recognized as the classic of Chinese opera.

There are 9 scenes in the play, including meeting on the briage, match-making, sending off each other, longing for Zhu Yingtai, marriage advising, meeting again in the cockloft, death of Liang Shanbo, forced into and marriage and transform into butterflies together, each of which have struck the chord of the audience. The audience’s mood fluctuated with the plot, completely immersed in the changes of the play. At the end of the play, the audience stood up and applauded for such an excellent performance. A thunder of applause echoed through the auditorium.

Stage photo of “Butterfly Lovers”

Stage photo of “Butterfly Lovers”

The celebrity-version of Yue opera “Butterfly Lovers” was warmly welcomed by international friends and received favorable comments. “‘Butterfly lovers’” is really a great play, and it created an opportunity for local people to gain better understanding of Chinese culture, and I hope more troupes will come to Macon and Wesleyan College in the future.” Vivian said in an interview. “It’s a particularly touching story,” said by an audience. “Actors are very professional and we’ll watch it again if we get a chance in the future.”

Group photo

The celebrity-version of Yue opera “Butterfly Lovers” went abroad to Wesleyan college in Macon, which not only shows the classical Chinese opera to the local people, students and teachers, but also provide them with an opportunity to experience the charm of Yue opera and the elegant demeanor of famous artists, promoting cultural exchanges between China and the United States.