Sharing Confucius Institute Stories with Campus Community——CI-SFSU Hosted the SAEM Coffee Social: Briefing on CI and Enhancing Impact

[Source]    Confucius Institute at San Francisco State University,USA [Time]    2019-04-10 16:44:42 

The Confucius Institute at San Francisco State University (CI) joined Student Affairs & Enrollment Management (SAEM) Celebration Committee efforts in hosting Coffee Social event with Division of International Education on March 28, 2019. Dr. Luoluo Hong, Vice President & Title IX Coordinator for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, Dr. Yenbo Wu, Associated Vice President for International Education, and more than 50 administrators and staffs from campus communities and offices related to student affairs participated in this event.

Group Photo

The Coffee Social is a regular event organized by SAEM Celebration Committee for the purpose of enhancing the networking and collaboration between all divisions related to student affairs, serving students enrollment, academic and student development, mental health, campus security, educational equity, multiculturalism, etc., working together and making contributions to the University in shaping the diverse and inclusive campus. As a Research and Service Organization (RSO) under the Division of International Education at SF State, the Confucius Institute was invited by the Celebration Committee to host this event with the theme of CI-A Part of the Network for Quality Education.

AVP Yenbo Wu and Director Jiaxin Xie briefing on CI programs

Dr. Yenbo Wu’s welcome remarks and introduction to the CI served as the beginning of CI’s narrative story, from its establishment as the first home for the Confucius Institute in the western United States in 2005 to mature period as an annual CI in 2011, from first 5-year review to second 5-year review and 10-year continuance review in 2018. He shared CI’s stories with participants, focusing on CI’s outcome and impacts of CI’s programs on Chinese teaching and research as well as international education, recognizing CI’s contributions to language and culture programs on campus and bilingual education in communities. Dr. Yenbo Wu highly praised CI’s team for the tremendous efforts in serving students on campus and communities and promoting global education at SF State. He also shared the positive report on CI at SF State’s Five-Year Review and Ten-Year Continuance Review in December 2018. As the conclusion of the report, all the Review Committee, composed of three faculty members and three Associate Vice Presidents, were pleased to recommend the CI at SF State to remain open and the current director Jiaxin Xie should remain in the leadership position. This conclusion not only reflected the University’s recognition of CI’s outcome, but also demonstrated the campus community’s strong support to CI because of its quality and values.

SF State colleagues talking about CI programs

During the free talk afterwards, the teachers from CI shared their own stories and experience in Chinese classes and Chinese cultural activities. Through communication and exchanges, the colleagues from other divisons can better understand the CI’s mission and visoin, learn more about what and how the CI has been doing. They bielieve that there are possibilities to strengthen the cooperation with CI in the future and we can joint efforts in providing better services for SF students on diverse campus. The participating administrators were also attracted by the introduction to Chinese language, history, philosophy, and other rich and splendid Chinese cultures and hope to have the opportunity to learn Chinese for professional purposes and visit China as soon as possible.

Colleagues watching the exhibition board and talking about the CI programs

The rich outcome of CI’s practice and heartfelt stories need to be heard through appropriate channels and effective presentations. Coffee Social is one of the ways for storytelling and expereince sharing. Working together with partner divisions on campus, the CI could be able to send its name out and build reputation through campus events such as Coffee Social with key-note speeches, video/film screening, exhibitions, pictures, presentations, and CI storytelling. By hosting this kind of series activities, CI at SF State effectively shares CI’s mission, showcases CI’ outcomes, demonstrates CI’s success and functions, making the colleagues from other divisions better understand that CI is a reliable unit and valuable partner in collaboration better serving the Students Success and Graduation 2025 Initiative.