The Confucius Classroom of Mount Clear College Held Exhibition on Contemporary Chinese Women Artworks

[Source]    Confucius Classroom at Mount Clear College [Time]    2019-03-29 10:33:29 

March 20th the local time, the Confucius Classroom of Mount Clear College held an exhibition of artworks by some contemporary Chinese women artists at the Language Center of the school. Eight female artists from the Chinese Contemporary Women Artists’ Association were invited to show their 16 newly-painted artworks to around 200 people from the school and local community.

The exhibition started at 10am. Lynita Taylor, Principal of Mount Clear College, and Jenny Bromley, the Vice-Principal of Mount Clear College, gave a welcome speech, expressing their sincere thanks to the artists for showing their excellent artworks to the teachers, students and local people. Then all the participants visited the exhibition and conversed with the artists regarding creative inspiration, creative backgrounds and experiences of the artists. Some students asked the artists questions: “What's the inspiration of your painting?” One student asked. “It comes from my dream.” Hong Fan answers. The excellent answers from the artists won a lot of applauses.

Welcoming Ceremony

At 11:30, the artists were invited to attend the assembly of the school. Lynita Taylor introduced the artists and all the teachers and students applauded to show their warm welcome. The artists deeply felt the hospitality from the school.

At 2:00, the artists were divided into two groups. They visited two art classes. They worked with students to demonstrate their different techniques of drawing bamboos and birds. The artists helped the students to produce their own paintings. The students showed their appreciation of the artists’ presentation and display of technique. After the workshop, all the art students went to the language center together with the artists. They visited the exhibition and had a vigorous discussion with the artists regarding the creative background, inspiration and techniques. When Ms Fang Yuqin, a female artist, said that she had never learnt painting, but just started to do graffiti five years ago, all the students were shocked at her talent. The artists encouraged the students to have a dream and start to paint bravely in order to express their feeling and understanding about the nature, emotion and soul through the use of colour, lines and paints. All the students applauded in response for the artists' instruction.

Artist guides students to paint

In their spare time, the artists, led by two students, visited the campus and classrooms and also participated in the dance training together with some students at a dance hall.

Group Photo

In such a short time, the artists and students were able to develop friendship, mutual understanding and respect of each other's culture.

Submitted by Jijun Yang, Photographed by Li Zhang


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