Confucius Institute at San Francisco State University Hosts the 14th Annual Early College Outreach Day Workshop on Chinese Culture

[Source]    Confucius Institute at San Francisco State University,USA [Time]    2019-03-23 12:38:43 

The Confucius Institute at San Francisco State University (CI at SF State) successfully hosted the ‘shuttlecock’ Chinese culture workshop to celebrate the 14th Annual Early College Outreach Day with elementary school students in association with Associated Students at SF State. To add Chinese culture to the pipeline of this annual program and integrate Chinese language and culture education into the university, the Confucius Institute organized a series of Chinese activities featuring Chinese Shuttlecock at the Rosa Park at SF State Student Center. The Associated Students at SF State reached the Confucius Institute for cooperation in co-hosting this event because of Confucius Institute’s expertise in Chinese teaching and culture exchanges. Most elementary school students in San Francisco Bay Area are bilingual learners who are looking for more opportunities to get some information about college life and experience different culture. About 20 students from local schools participated in the workshop.

All paticipants came to the well-decorated conference room as if entering a beautiful garden of Chinese culture. CI Director Jiaxin Xie’s ice-breaking question “Do you know anything about the Confucius Institute and Chinese culture?” got students’ attention and made them interact and communicate enthusiastically with the host. A brief introduction to the Confucius Institute’s major programs and abundant Chinese culture.

Jiaxin Xie making a speech

There are three parts of this workshop. In the first part, Liaoyuan Zhang, a Chinese teacher from CI at SF State, introduced the historical development, cultural connotation and main types of Chinese Jianzi. The interesting presentation and moving video, as well as dancing with Jianzi show the beauty of Chinese arts and let the students have a basic understanding of Jianzi. The students couldn’t wait any longer to learn how to kick Jianzi.

Ms. Liaoyuan Zhang making introduction about Jianzi

Tianhao Yang, a Chinese teacher at CI State, covered the second part of the workshop, demonstrating how to kick Jianzi in different movements, and showing the students step by step with brief instructions. All students showed their interests in kicking Jianzi and wondered what kind of materials we used to make Jianzi. They expressed their wish that they could have more opportunities to experience Chinese culture and learn Chinese language with the teachers from Confucius Institute.

Mr. Tianhao Yang showing different ways of kicking Jianzi

The last part is interaction. Shuxin Ji, a Chinese teacher from Confucius Institute, raised several questions and invited the students to imagine what and how Jianzi was useful in our daily life. All students were interested in answering the questions and recalled the knowledges that they had learned. The Confucius Institute prepared gifts for each of the students, leaving them with special impression about Chinese culture and college education

Shuxin Ji Raising Questions

After interaction and Q&A session, the workshop came to closure with CI Director Xie’s summary, encouraging all the students to complete their college education after finishing their elementary and secondary schooling, preparing themselves for the new century, and serving the communities with required knowledge and skills. Some students expressed their interest in coming to SF State in the future because the Confucius Institute offered Chinese language and culture courses for students, faculty and staff.

The Confucius Institute has had a great partnership with Associated Students and campus community to serve the students in Chinese language and culture. As a comprehensive center for Chinese teaching and learning, the Confucius Institute provides a variety of Chinese language courses, Chinese language teacher training, Lecture Series on Chinese culture and arts, and workshops and performances for SF State students and students in Northern California. The Confucius Institute is trying to enhance programs quality in offering our services to campus community and local schools.