Beauty of Traditional Chinese Painting Blooms in Thailand

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From March 14th to 15th, the Maritime Silk Road Confucius Institute and the Faculty of Arts of Dhurakij Pundit University (DPU) in Thailand jointly organized the “Workshop Specializing in Chinese Painting & Calligraphy” series activities. As the keynote speaker, Jiang Jinjun, Associate Professor of the Academy of Art and Design of Tianjin Normal University and a disciple of Mr. Fan Zen, a famous Chinese landscape painter, talked and work with Thai artists, teachers and students.

On the morning of March 14th, the “Workshop Specializing in Chinese Painting & Calligraphy” lifted the curtain. The Workshop brought together more than 60 participants, including artists and teachers from Thailand, South Korea, Malaysia and other countries. The participants come from 12 prestigious Thai universities including DPU, Silpakorn University, Rajamangala University of Technology Rattanakosin (RMUTR), King Mongkut Ladkrabang Institute of Technology (KMITL), Chiang Mai University, Burapha University and Bunditpatanasilpa Institute. Two national artists in Thailand Veatsok and Salawu also joined the event.

At the opening ceremony, Ekarat Janrathitikarn, Thai Director of the Maritime Silk Road Confucius Institute, played piano to interpret a Thai-style melody and a Chinese melody entitled “The Yellow River Ode”. Amid these melodies, Professor Jiang Jinjun improvised a painting called “Beauty of Same Origin”. Incorporating music and painting, the shows have embodied the fraternity between China and Thailand, paying tribute to the 44th anniversary of the establishment of China-Thailand diplomatic relations and the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. Wang Huichang, Director of the Hanban Representative Office in Thailand, said in his speech that the Maritime Silk Road Confucius Institute, as the only Confucius Institute named after the Maritime Silk Road in the whole world, has made positive contributions to building the exchange platform for Chinese and Thai artists, to showing the Thai people traditional Chinese culture, and to cultural exchanges between the two countries. At the China-Thailand cooperation artistic creation stage, Mr. Jiang created a traditional Chinese painting on the spot, while other artists produced works based on their own artistic backgrounds. That day, the artists produced more than 200 works of traditional Chinese painting.

Mr. Veatsok, a national artist of Thailand, working on his work. Photo by Xu Chen, the Maritime Silk Road Confucius Institute

On the afternoon of March 15th, DPU held the closing ceremony and the work exhibition from “Workshop Specializing in Chinese Painting & Calligraphy”, which is attended by Poonsak Pranootnaraparn, Secretary General of the Council of the Maritime Silk Road Confucius Institute, along with directors, professors, artists and students of other Confucius Institutes. According to Poonsak Pranootnaraparn, the success of this workshop not only witnesses the deepening of exchanges and cooperation between the Dhurakij Pundit University and the Tianjin Normal University, but also constitutes a model of exchange and cooperation between Chinese and Thai art. Jiang Jinjun said that the event is extremely successful, especially the innovative way of combining traditional Chinese painting with Thai art. It stimulates more inspiration and leads to the creation of delightful works that convey colorful connotations both formally and conceptually.

Students of DPU learning painting in the workshop.Photo by Xu Chen, the Maritime Silk Road Confucius Institute

Later, Chinese and Thai people visited the painting exhibition together, shared their opinions one after another on the precious 60 paintings exhibited and exchanging ideas about art with the painters. The two works “Brother” and “Sister” by the Thai artist Mr. Veatsok, particularly attracted the attention of the visitors, in which the two protagonists similar to the kids of the Chinese New Year painting transmitted the conception of “Jeen Thai Phee Nong Gan (China and Thailand are brothers)”.

Students of DPU visiting the work exhibition of “Workshop Specializing in Chinese Painting & Calligraphy”.Photo by Zheng Meichen

Students of DPU visiting the work exhibition of “Workshop Specializing in Chinese Painting & Calligraphy”.Photo by Zheng Meichen

Reportedly, during the series activities, lectures on notions of classical Chinese painting, workshops for students of Chinese and art majors were also organized, so that Thai students got to know the brush, the ink, the xuan paper, the ink stone, as well as the basic knowledge of Chinese painting. The students painted more than 100 works and the event was a complete success.

(Story by Zhao Yipu, Zheng Meichen, Guo Yuqi,, March 16th)

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