Confucius Institute at SFSU held Chinese culture workshop at Los Altos High School

[Source]    Confucius Institute at San Francisco State University,USA [Time]    2019-03-15 12:28:22 

The Confucius Institute at San Francisco State University (SF State) made specially-designed presentations at the workshop on Chinese Culture on Thursday, February 28th at Los Altos High School in Santa Clara County. Jiaxin Xie, Director of the Confucius Institute, and his team members - Tianhao Yang, Liaoyuan Zhang and Shuxin Ji, three visiting teachers from Beijing Normal University, visited the campus at the invitation of the Chinese Program, participating in their Third Annual World Language Celebration Day. The workshop on Chinese culture, featuring traditional Chinese festival celebration in two sessions and demonstrating how to make firecrackers with arts of Chinese calligraphy and paper cutting.

Group photo

Before the presentations, Director Jiaxin Xie made a briefing on the Confucius Institute as a part of SF State, functioning as a comprehensive center for Chinese teaching, teacher training and cultural activities at SF State, then introduced the theme of the workshop: Expereicing Chinese Culture with the Confucius Institute. The students, teachers and administrators of the school came to communicate with the presenters and expected for a special bilingual and crosscultural celebration of Chinese Spring Festival through making firecrackers, which raised all students' interests in expeirencing Chinese culture for better understnading of China.

Jiaxin Xie making a brief inroduction to the Confucius Institute

Mr. Tianhao Yang first introduced the culture of the Spring Festival and firecrackers, and showed the students how to make the firecrackers with a model.

Then Ms. Liaoyuan Zhang introduced the basic knowledge of Chinese calligraphy arts, four treasures, and beautiful stories about the famous calligraphist in China. The presenter showed the students how to hold the brush pen and how to write Chinese characters. Then the students followed the instructions to choose their favorite lucky charactors to write on the firecrackers.

Liaoyuan Zhang introducing Chinese calligraphy

To follow up with the calligraphy practice, Ms. Shuxin Ji gave a brief introduction to Chinese paper-cutting, and then took the character of "Spring" as an example to teach students how to cut out the patterns. Every student cut the character in different forms, but all of the turnouts were excellent. Finally, working and interating with three teachers, all students combined calligraphy, paper-cutting and firecrackers together, and made a chain of auspicious firecrackers as the result of their group project.

Deminstrating paper-cutting Work

The workshop was divided into two sessions, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. Total 58 students from Chinese classes and other language classes attended the workshop. Wynne Satterwhite, Principal, Suzanne Woolfork, Vice Principal and Dayana Swank, Director of the Foreign Language Department came to the two sessions and observed the presentations by the Confucius Institute teachers. They commented the Confucius Institute for thoughtful topics and well-prepared lectures and hands-on practice for their students.

Showing the result of the workshop

Teachers at the Confucius Institute led all participating students at Los Alto High School into a beautiful garden of Chinese culture through a series of presentations on Chinese culture, nurturing their interests in Chinese traditional culture, increasing their enthusiasm for learning Chinese language and understanding China. The goal of the Confucius Institute at SF State is to meet the needs of all students in Northern California and to enhance their bilingual proficiency and their understanding of different cultures around the world.