Confucius Institute at University of Szeged (CIUS) Holds a Lecture on China-Hungary Relations & Unveiling Ceremony of BCT Test Center

[Source]    Confucius Institute at University of Szeged, Hungary [Time]    2019-03-12 08:45:26 

On February 27th, local time, “The 70th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Diplomatic Relations between China and Hungary: Dialogue with the East Series Speeches” & Unveiling Ceremony of Test Center of Business Chinese Test (BCT) was jointly held by CIUS and its affiliated teaching site Budapest Business School of University of Applied Sciences in Budapest.

Petra Ponevács-Pana, Deputy State Secretary of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary, Balázs Heidrich, President of BGE, Dániel Palotai, Managing Director of the Hungarian National Bank, Richard Mohr, Foreign Director of CIUS, Duan Jielong, Chinese Ambassador to Hungary, and Wang Lei, Chinese Director of CIUS, attended the activity.

The activity kicked off with a vigorous lion dance. The flexible “lion” shuttled back and forth in the auditorium and the atmosphere on site was heated. In his speech, Balázs Heidrich stressed the importance of maintaining friendly relations between Hungary and China in economy, education and other sectors and pointed out that BGE was the second university in Hungary to offer Chinese courses as well as an educational institution that had conducted business Chinese training long before. As an increasing number of students select the Chinese courses currently, the educational and academic exchanges between BGE and China’s higher institutions are becoming increasingly frequent. He encouraged more and more students to learn Chinese language so as to acquire more opportunities of exchanges and employment.

Balázs Heidrich delivering a speech

Duan Jielong reviewed the history of mutual assistance between China and Hungary and said that the exchanges in such fields as politics, economy, education, culture, tourism and art had delivered significant results since the establishment of the diplomatic relations between the two countries. He hoped both sides could cherish the history, maintain and enhance the mutually beneficial and win-win partnership between the two countries. Duan Jielong noted that he was very delighted to see more and more Hungarian students learning Chinese language and expressed congratulations on CIUS’s success in establishing the Hungary’s first BCT test center in BGE.

Duan Jielong delivering a speech

Petra Ponevács-Pana emphasized that fruitful achievements had been made since the establishment of comprehensive strategic partnership between Hungary and China. She stated that China was Hungary’s largest trade partner outside Europe and the two countries had delivered significant results in finance and tourism cooperation.

Petra Ponevács-Pana delivering a speech

Dániel Palotai expressed in his speech that Hungary, as a bridge linking the East and the West, would play an increasingly important role in the Belt and Road Initiative. He said that the cooperation development trend between Hungary and China is sound, which could be seen from many aspects, for example, the rise of China’s ranking in the list of Hungary’s trade partners, constant investment growth of Chinese enterprises in Hungary, rapid rise of the number of Chinese people living in Hungary, significantly enhanced higher educational connection, and Hungarian National Bank’s efforts to promote RMB’s internationalization.

Dániel Palotai delivering a speech

Richard Mohr said that CIUS had achieved remarkable achievements since its establishment in 2012. BGE was an important teaching site of Chinese language set up by CIUS last September and its Chinese courses attracted extensive attention of students.This February, CIUS was authorized to build Hungary’s first BCT test center.

Richard Mohr delivering a speech

At the unveiling and launching ceremony of the BCT test center, Duan Jielong went up onto the stage and awarded the nameplate for the test center. Witnessed by the guests and audiences, CIUS and BGE opened up a new chapter of cooperation.

Awarding nameplate

Wonderful performances of Chinese folk songs and calligraphic art were also presented at the activity. Zhang Yu, a Chinese musician at the Faculty of Music of the University of Szeged, sang a Chinese song “The Spring Ballet” and presented a guzheng show “Jasmine Flower”. Cserkész Gábor from Hungary-China Cultural Association played the self-compiled morin khuur music, combining Mongolian music with Hungarian elements and leading the audiences to endless after tastes. Zhao Wenjie, a Chinese calligrapher in Budapest, displayed his calligraphic works and introduced the history of Chinese painting and calligraphy to the guests.

Guzheng show “Jasmine Flower”

Morin khuur music

Calligraphic art

This activity strengthened the cooperation and connection among CIUS, the Chinese Embassy in Hungary, the Hungarian government, Hungarian financial enterprises, local universities and Chinese associations, and demonstrated the unique Chinese traditional arts such as folk songs, dances, calligraphy and paintings to the locals, which greatly promoted Chinese culture.

Story and photos by Tao Shengfei