China and Israel Celebrate Chinese New Year, Appreciating Traditional Chinese Culture Together

[Source] [Time]    2019-03-11 15:38:53 

The China-Israel Spring Festival celebration was held at Kalay High School in Givatayim, Israel, where Chinese and Israeli students jointly gave performances of traditional Chinese arts.

The celebration kicked off amid a melodious and enchanting Chinese folk song “Jasmine”, performed by students of Kalay High School. Four girls brought the cheerful dance “Little Apple”, enlivening the entire auditorium.

Students of Kalay High School performing “Little Apple” at the China-Israel Spring Festival celebration

At the celebration, Chinese students studying in Israel also presented traditional music of China. Chen Siyan from Tel Aviv University (TAU) presented guzheng play “Early Spring Jokul”. Yuan Shiran from the Israel Institute of Technology presented “Drunk Fisherman Humming at Dusk” with a guqin (ancient zither), and Pan Jiayu from TAU presented “Phoenix Bamboo in the Moonlight” with the cucurbit flute. The audience was deeply attracted by all these performances.

Moreover, Tai Chi and martial arts shows also won warm applause from the audience.

Maciek, a student from the Confucius Institute at TAU performing Tai Chi at the China-Israel Spring Festival celebration.

In addition to the shows, various traditional Chinese culture experience activities were also carried out at the campus, including Chinese calligraphy, Chinese painting, paper cutting and tea art, attracting many students to give a try.

Shani Handelsman, a 9-grade girl at Kalay High School who was painting with a Chinese brush on the rice paper, told Xinhua that she has learned a lot about traditional Chinese culture from this event and that she was fascinated by Chinese culture. “This is a very interesting event”, said Handelsman. The traditional Chinese culture is different from Israeli culture, so she hopes to know more about Chinese culture.

Dr. AviBenbenishty, Principal of the Kalay High School, said that this was the first time for his school to host such an event, which was very important and presented a good opportunity for students to learn traditional Chinese culture. The students were also very curious about Chinese culture, so they were excited about participating in this event. Kalay High School has already opened Chinese language as an optional course and will try to create more opportunities for students to learn about China and Chinese culture.

Students from Kalay High School experiencing Chinese tea art at the China-Israel Spring Festival celebration

Izhar Oplatka, City Councilor Responsible for Education in Givatayim, told Xinhua that students would become more familiar with Chinese culture through this event. He added that in recent years they have been continue to introduce more and more Chinese culture projects to students in Givatayim, with a view to help them better understand Chinese culture. They are also considering establishing a Confucius Classroom in a local school.

The celebration was organized by the Kalay High School, the Chinese Students and Scholars Association Israel, the Confucius Institute at the Tel Aviv University and the Confucius Institute at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and was sponsored by the Chinese Embassy in Israel. More than 300 teachers and students from the Kalay High School attended the event.

(Story by Chen Wenxian,, Jerusalem, March 4th; photos by Guo Yu)

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