Confucius Institute at Sapporo University (CISU) Jointly Holds 2019 China-Japan Economic Forum with Consulate-General of China in Sapporo

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Sapporo University [Time]    2019-03-06 09:07:07 

On February 16th, the CISU jointly held the 2019 China-Japan Economic Forum with the Chinese Consulate-General in Sapporo. Six experts and scholars from the economic communities in China and Japan delivered wonderful speeches on the economic conditions of China and Japan for over 100 Confucius Institute students, Chinese overseas students and local residents who attended the forum.

At the beginning of the event, Hiroki Arakawa, President of the Council of Sapporo University and President of the Council of the CISU firstly extended gratitude to all experts and scholars for their presence and expected them to provide new ideas for the economic exchanges between Japan and China. Meanwhile, he expressed that the CISU would continue to serve as a bridge for the friendship between the two countries and boost the economic and trade cooperation between Hokkaido and China.

Hiroki Arakawa delivering a speech

Later, Sun Zhenyong, Chinese Consul-General to Sapporo, delivered a keynote speech titled “A Review and Prospect of Chinese and Japanese Economies”. In the speech, he gave a comprehensive introduction to the economic achievements made by China during its 40-year reform and opening-up, teased out the history of the mutual beneficial cooperation between China and Japan, and expressed his outlook on the further development of the Chinese and Japanese economies in the new era. This wonderful speech won warm applause from the audience.

Sun Zhenyong delivering a keynote speech

At the forum, Xia Jiechang, President of National Academy of Economics Strategy, CASS, Yasuyuki Hamada, Chairman of HAMANASU Foundation, Professor Chen Xian from Shanghai Jiaotong University, Professor YOSHIMI Hiroshi from the Faculty of Economics and Business of Hokkaido University, Professor Feng Xiliang from Capital University of Economics and Business, and Professor Li Jinheng from Peking University respectively elaborated on the investments in China’s service industry, Hokkaido’s economic conditions, Chinese-style innovation, the problems faced by Hokkaido’s enterprises, and the transformation of China’s economic development models. Their professional expounding, rich knowledge, meticulous thinking, and interesting presentation vividly depicted the status quo of the Chinese and Japanese economies for the audience.

At the closing ceremony, Yamada Akira, Vice President of Sapporo University and former Foreign Director of the CISU, expressed that Sapporo University and the CISU should make due contributions to promoting the academic exchanges between the two countries and hoped that the annual China-Japan Economic Forum would enjoy a more promising future.

Yamada Akira delivering a closing speech

At the end of the forum, Wang Zhiping, Foreign Director of the CISU, noted that the China-Japan friendship has been increasingly deepened and the economic exchanges between the two countries have become more frequent since the signing of China-Japan Treaty of Peace and Friendship. Taking this as an opportunity, this forum will further deepen the economic exchanges between China and Japan, thus promoting the friendly communications between the two countries.


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