Confucius Institute at SF State Successfully Hosted the 4th Joint Conference: Celebrating 2018 & Working together in 2019

[Source]    Confucius Institute at San Francisco State University,CA,USA [Time]    2019-03-05 14:44:24 

The 4th Confucius Institute-Confucius Classrooms-Teaching Sites Joint Conference was successfully held at Confucius Institute at San Francisco State University (CI at SF State) on February 9th, 2019. Over 30 participants including superintendents, principals, senior administrators, Chinese language teachers from five affiliated Confucius Classrooms, four teaching sites, and the Confucius Institute team members attended the conference, featuring the specific Theme - Build Win-Win Cooperation and Further Develop Chinese Language Programs, two sessions for presentations and roundtable discussions.

Dr. Yenbo Wu, Associate Vice President for International Education at SF State, made welcome remarks to all participants, commending the host schools of Confucius Classrooms and Teaching Sites upon their cooperation with CI at SF State, highly praising CI’s team for the tremendous efforts, remarkable passion and capability in promoting Chinese language and culture instructions. Dr. Wu shared the positive report on CI at SF State’s Five-Year Review and Ten-Year Continuance Review. As a Research and Service Organization at SF State, CI had the 2nd 5-Year Review and 10-Year Continuance Review by SF State Review Committee composed of 3 faculty members and 3 Associate Vice Presidents in December 2018. The Committee members were pleased to recommend on December 17th, 2018: “There is no doubt that the Confucius Institute at SF State is achieving its mission and vision. There are clear indicators of success of its Chinese language and teaching, through its Confucius Classrooms, Teaching Sites,and through its tailored programs for students study-abroad and local business needs.” President Leslie Wong approved the Committee’s recommendation to continue the Confucius Institute on December 18th, 2018. Dr. Wu also made a briefing on current situation and challenge for the Confucius Institutes in the U.S. to face, encouraging the Confucius Institute to further strengthen partnership with the host schools of Confucius Classrooms and Teaching Sites to make new achievements in 2019.

Education Counselor Jun Tang from Chinese Consulate in San Francisco delivered greetings to all participants and best wishes for a successful and productive joint meeting. She expected that all participating teachers, educators and administrators to make efforts in further developing friendship between people of China and the U.S.

Dr. Yenbo Wu giving remarks

Jun Tang giving remarks

The morning session was composed of Principal’s Forum and Teachers’ Forum. The Principals’ Forum provided an opportunity for presenters to introduce their schools and the outcomes and accomplishments of their Chinese language programs in 2018. The principals addressed the impact of their amazing Chinese language and culture programs on school education as a whole, talked about objectives and plans for the new academic year. They highly praised CI’s effects in promoting CI’s Brand Programs and providing consistent support, which enabled their schools to meet their students’ needs for learning Chinese and enhancing their bilingual proficiency. One student from Western Sierra Collegiate Academy shared her experience in learning Chinese for more than seven years, paving the pathway for her college education related to Chinese language. As Confucius Classroom’s alumna, she appreciated the Chinese teachers and educators for offering Chinese courses and cultural activities to nurture her interests in learning Chinese.

Cathy Armstrong making a presentation

The Teachers’ Forum, an academic platform, was designed for teachers and educators to share their findings from their latest research and teaching experiences, covering theory and practice, teaching approaches, skills, activities, and technology. To follow up with all presenters’ sharing, Director Jiaxin Xie, on behalf of the Confucius Institute, demonstrated CI’s achievements in Chinese teaching, culture exchanges, teachers' training, testing services, studying abroad programs, outreach services, Chinese competitions, and promotion of international education. It was the reliable partnership with affiliated Confucius Classrooms and Teaching Sites that made it possible for the Confucius Institute at SF State to make contributions to the University and northern California in 2018, and the Confucius Institute will continue to work together with the CI-CCs-TSs team to reach our common goals in 2019.

Director Jiaxin Xie making a presentation

The second session in the afternoon was divided into two roundtable discussions, one is for principals and administrators, moderated by CI Director Jiaxin Xie, talking about proposals for cooperation among CI-CCs-TSs, planning and information sharing, questions, comments and suggestions; the other is for teachers and educators, hosted by CI Chinese Director Liping Feng, discussing about challenges and strategic action for sustainable development of Chinese teaching, possible cooperation and new program development, difficulties, expectations, and suggestions. All participants enjoyed the discussion as part of the effective network.

Principals’ roundtable discussion

The 4th Joint Conference came to closure with Q & A session. Professor Liping Feng made a summary presentation on CI’s major programs: Teacher Training, Chinese Proficiency Tests, Summer Camp to Visit China and Chinese Competitions. The host and participants discussed about win-win cooperation and further develop Chinese courses in the future.

Q & A session

The 4th Joint Conference was held during the Chinese Spring Festival, all guests and participants were celebrating the New Year of the Pig, taking a group photo and showing the New Year Greetings to all colleagues and friends of the Confucius Institutes all over the world. The annual Joint Conference was successful in connecting partners closer and making all participants feel confident and proud to be part of this network system in the new year. The turnout was incredible!

Group photo

In 2018, the Confucius Institute at SF State offered 14 Chinese language and culture courses for 310 SF State students, faculty/staff and professionals from the Bay Area. CI’s programs benefited 3,700 students from affiliated Confucius Classrooms, Teaching Sites and local schools. 1,200 participants participated in the 14th San Francisco Chinese Language Bridge Cup Contest for K-12 Students. Meanwhile, abundant cultural activities attracted 16,300 participants in 2018. A total amount of 200 local Chinese language teachers and educators attended specially designed Workshops and Summer Institute on Chinese Teaching and Learning. Also, as a test center, the Confucius Institute at SF State offered professional testing service including 4 HSK tests and 2 YCT tests to 430 test takers. CI also hosted Certificate Test for Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Language for 8 teachers. In addition, CI organized the research on YCT test as standard assessments in local schools, over 1,200 students from CCs, TSs and partner schools took trial tests.

2019 is an important transitional year for the CI at SF State upon its positive report from Ten-Year Continuance Review Committee to keep moving to the next steps of development. We will remain our passion in providing high quality programs to the university and communities, strengthening our collaboration with our partner schools and Chinese language teachers/educators, and developing our CI as a stronger platform for promotion of Chinese language and culture on campus and in multicultural communities.


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