2019 Spring Festival Gala Jointly Hosted by Upper France Region and Confucius Institute of Artois Ends Successfully

[Source]    Confucius Institute of Artois [Time]    2019-03-04 16:34:50 

Local time on February 1st, the 27th day of the lunar month, the 2019 Spring Festival gala was just held in the venue of the Upper French parliament headquarters full of lights and excitement. The Chinese ambassador to France Di Jun was invited by the regional government to attend the event together with the regional president Xavier BERTRAND. More than 1,500 people from Lille, Dunkirk, Calais and Arras, etc., participated in the gala.

During the party, the program was wonderful, with dragon and lion dances, famous folk music performances such as Guqin, Dulcimer, Pelican, Flute and Erhu, as well as dance, chorus, martial arts and Sichuan opera. As a partner, the University of Artois was invited to participate. Principal Pasquale MAMMONE and Vice President Ahmed EI KALADI also attended the Spring Festival Gala.

The Confucius Institute brought calligraphy, paper-cutting, New Year painting, cosplay and other artistic creations and performances, which received favorable comment. During the gala, calligraphy teacher Wei Wenke worked tirelessly, sending hundreds of calligraphy works, such as “Fu(福;good fortune)”, “Chun(春;Spring)”, “Zhu Nian Da Ji(猪年大吉; wish you all the best in the year of the pig)”, “Yi Fan Feng Shun(一帆风顺;everything is going smoothly )“, “Ji Xiang Ru Yi (吉祥如意,good luck and happiness)”. In front of the calligraphy booth, people lined up a long queue. After getting the spring couplet, their face lit up with happiness as if they had got an invaluable treasure. Mr. Wei said that he was very happy to send a blessing to the friends through his calligraphy works.

Calligraphy demonstration


The paper-cutting and New Year painting booths also attracted many audiences. Chinese teacher Chen Yunyun, volunteer teacher Wu Qian, and Yang Yue were also on the go, their Paper-cutting works and New Year paintings, which contain the pigs adding strong feelings of spring for the new year. Besides, in order to enrich the content of the gala, they have prepared a lot of works in advance, in which the Peppa Pig paper-cutting was very popular among the parents and their kids.


Chinese painting

In addition, the Confucius Institute also cooperated with Association of Oriental Flotte, a local language and culture exchange association, presented performances such as guqin, poetry declaiming, chorus, taiji, martial arts, and so on. The students of different ages from the Confucius Institute and the association read Chinese ancient poetry with an elegant rhythm of guqin. The martial arts was a highlight of the gala. The little performers made every posture accurate and professional, besides, their eyebrows reveal the spirit of getting refined internally and externally and constantly striving to strengthen themselves, which constitute the essence of traditional martial arts.

Poem reciting

During the event, Ambassador Di Jun and the president of the regional Xavier BERTRAND visited booths of the University of Artois to have a cordial conversation with the principal of university of Artois Pasquale MAMMONE on the higher education in Northern France, Sino-French cultural exchanges, and the development of the Confucius Institute. Accompanied by Professor Jin Siyan in the Confucius Institute of Artois, they enjoyed the calligraphy art with great interest. And at last chairman BERTRAND BERTRAND took the word “Fu(福)” written by Wei Wenke with a happiness and a satisfying smile.

The cooperation in the Spring Festival Gala has enabled the Confucius Institute to connect more closely with local governments and the communities from all fields, and promoted the in-depth development of Sino-French cultural exchanges. It is an indispensable responsibility of the Confucius Institute to build an intercultural communication platform and promote inter-regional economic, cultural and artistic exchanges, furthermore, the burden is heavy and the course is long.

Edition/Chen Yunyun Photo/XU Meng & LIN Jiaju & QIN Hongwei


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