Meet Chinese Culture: Confucius Institute in Eyes of American Congressman

[Source]    Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban) [Time]    2019-01-23 09:31:44 

January 2019 marks the 40th anniversary of the establishment of China-US diplomatic relations. Over the past forty years, although bilateral relations have undergone numerous ups and downs, there are still many Americans, who view China with friendliness and sincerity, contribute to the development of China-US friendly relations and offer warm help for overseas Chinese.

For Chinese American Post in Colorado and the Confucius Classroom in Denver, Congressman Mike Coffman has been such a precious friend over the past 25 years.

Mike Coffman awarding the memorial certificate to Tu Xinshi

On the afternoon of December 18th, 2018, Mike Coffman, who will step down as a five-term congressman, held a brief ceremony at his office in Aurora and awarded memorial certificates to Feng Mimi, President of Chinese American Post, and Tu Xinshi, Co-founder and Editor-in-chief of Chinese American Post and also Director of the Confucius Classroom in Denver, in recognition of their supporting for the Coffman Office, serving the Chinese community in Colorado and contributing to the promotion of Chinese culture in American in the past twenty years.

Mike Coffman restated his respect for Chinese culture and support for the exchanges, dialogues and integration among different cultures. He signed respectively on the cover of a recent issue of Confucius Institute, titled One World, One Family and the compilation of the calligraphy works presented by students from the Confucius Classroom in Denver. He also left a memorial remark on Tu Xinshi’s calligraphy which goes that “thanks so much for your work in promoting Chinese culture in the State of Colorado”.

Mike Coffman signing on the cover of Confucius Institute to express his support for cultural exchanges

Tu Xinshi also expressed his respect and gratitude to Mike Coffman, and he said that the friendship between them has endured for 25 years. Mike Coffman has always been a champion of cultural exchanges of Chinese community and Chinese language schools. He paid two visits to the Chinese American Post and the Confucius Classroom in Denver and also attended the opening ceremony of the Confucius Classroom in Denver.

Tu Xinshi giving his calligraphy Forever Friends to Mike Coffman

Tu Xinshi prepared a special calligraphy work named Forever Friends for Mike Coffman. The congressman received the gift and said, “Chinese calligraphy is so fascinating! I love it!”

There is also an unforgettable story worth to mention. In August 2016, Mike Coffman made a special visit to the Confucius Classroom in Denver to learn about the American students’ Chinese learning situation. He paid extra attention to students’ calligraphy learning and highly appreciated their works exhibited on the wall. Then, under the guidance of Tu Xinshi, he picked up a brush pen and wrote Chinese characters wei min (for the people) and zhong mei (China and the US).

Mike Coffman writing Chinese characters at the Confucius Classroom in Denver

Mike Coffman wrote Chinese calligraphy with strength and firm strokes and with stable structure. His works won much applause and were later exhibited in the international calligraphy exhibitions held in Shanghai and Denver.

Writing brush and ink convey both messages and feelings. By his calligraphy, Mike Coffman expressed his admiration and passion for Chinese art and friendliness to overseas Chinese, leaving a far-reaching story of cultural exchanges and mutual learning.

Mike Coffman’s calligraphy work exhibited in the International Calligraphy Exhibition in Denver

Mike Coffman shared a special friendship with China and the Chinese people. He brought up on many occasions that his parents once lived in Shanghai for a decade during 1930s and 1940s and there are still objects from back then being preserved in his home. He also visited China twice as a congressman.

Although Mike Coffman will not serve as a congressman anymore, he will start running for mayor soon and we wish that he could make new and long-term contribution to the friendship and development between China and the US.


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