Directors of Confucius Institute Banja Luka University Participated in the Academic Seminar “Methodological and Cultural Aspects of Teaching Chinese Language”

[Source]    Confucius Institute at the University of Banja Luka [Time]    2018-12-19 15:23:25 

Directors of Confucius Institute Banja Luka University participated in the Academic Seminar “Methodological and Cultural Aspects of Teaching Chinese Language” held at the Confucius Classroom of the Philological Grammar School Belgrade Serbia on Tuesday, 27th November 2018. The event was jointly organized by the Confucius Institute Belgrade and CI Classroom at the Philological Grammar School.

The prominent sinologists from the region took part in the seminar as well as directors of the Sremski Karlovci Grammar School and Obala Grammar School Sarajevo. The seminar was opened by Dusko Babic, PhD director of the Philological Grammar School Belgrade which is the first secondary school in the region to introduce Chinese language in the regular teaching curriculum.


The Chinese have been taught for 23 years at this Grammar School. Professor Doctor Radoslav Pusic director of Confucius Institute Belgrade and the Head of Sinology Department at the Faculty of Philology Belgrade welcomed guests and expressed his wishes for successful work in the panel discussions that followed.

Doctor Dusko Babic

Department of Sinology is one of the oldest schools teaching Chinese on the highest level being established in the 1974. Due to the demands, this department enrols 40 students per year. They employ 7 local professors of Chinese and one native speaker. The moderator of the morning session was professor doctor Ana Jovanovic, associate professor at the Faculty of Philology who also talked about collocations and synonyms in the Chinese language teaching.


Sinologist Natasa Pesic from the Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad talked about teaching Chinese language as elective course, challenges and solutions. Selena Pjevic, MA, professor of Chinese at the Grammar School in Belgrade who have been teaching Chinese for 23 years introduced the lecture of view of China in the Serbian history until the Great War. Ljubica Cudinov from Karlovacka Grammar School talked about software applications and phone apps which help students to learn Chinese.

In the second session, associate professor Sara Komosar, MA, talked about motivation of students for learning chengyu, Chinese idioms. Marijna Markovic held inspiring lecture on methods and teaching models for Chinese language.

Directors of CI Banja Luka University, Ljiljana Stevic, MA and Ying Cai, MA presented the models of promotion and introduction of Chinese language in the secondary school, case study Banja Luka Grammar School.

Ljiljana and Ying Cai

The representative of the Institute of Asian studies established by Professor Doctor Dragana Mitrovic also participated in the event. Slobodan Popovic, MA contributed in the panel discussion and offered political and economic perspective to the process of introduction of Chinese language in the school system in the countries in region.

Participants agreed that this academic seminar and panel discussion were very useful and fruitful and they will continue joint cooperation and communication in future. They agreed to help each other sharing information and experience. CI Classroom Belgrade Philological Grammar School excelled expectation in organization of this very important sinology counselling.


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