Learning Chinese to Tell China’s Stories Well

[Source]    People’s Daily [Time]    2018-12-14 15:46:15 

At the Makati Campus in Manila, the Confucius Institute at Ateneo De Manila University in the Philippines (CI at AdMU) recently provided candidates training for taking the overseas examination for the Certificate for Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Language (CTCSOL). Sixty-eight indigenous Chinese teachers from all walks of life in the Philippines participated in the training. This was the first pre-examination training for the CTCSOL ever held by Hanban overseas. This training was of great significance to promoting the overseas edition of the CTCSOL and to ensuring that all international Chinese teachers have certificates before they teach Chinese, so as to enhance the professional quality and qualifications of Chinese teachers.

“President Xi Jinping’s visit to the Philippines in late November has further deepened exchanges and cooperation between the two countries. We expect greater demand for local people with Chinese language proficiency in the Philippines, which means a greater responsibility for those who teach Chinese in the Philippines.” Liang Guanghan, Chinese Director of the CI at AdMU, said that the Confucius Institute had introduced into the Philippines the overseas edition of the CTCSOL and provided its first pre-examination training for the purpose of helping both local Chinese teachers and Chinese who are teaching the Chinese language in the Philippines to improve their teaching competence and to successfully obtain the CTCSOL, so as to promote the Chinese language teaching in the Philippines to a higher level.

Dr. Huang Shuzhen, Filipino Director of the CI at AdMU, said that in the past 13 years since its establishment, the CI at AdMU has been devoted to the training of indigenous Chinese teachers in the Philippines. The success of this training, strongly supported by Hanban, is material to indigenous Chinese teachers in the Philippines.

During the two-day training, Wu Zhongwei, Dean of the International Cultural Exchange School of Fudan University, and Hu Wenhua, Deputy Dean of the School, gave brilliant lectures respectively on such topics as “Chinese Language Elements and Teaching Principles and Skills”, “Teaching Design and Classroom Management” and “Chinese Culture, Culture Teaching and Intercultural Communication” on the basis of the Syllabus for Certificate Examination for CTCSOL. The contents of their lectures included basic knowledge of Chinese language and teaching skills and classroom management skills. They also discussed in detail with teachers present difficult and complicated issues in teaching Chinese.

“It is a high-level and professional training. The lectures given by the two professors are comprehensive and wonderful!” Christina, a Chinese teacher in the Philippines who participated in the training, told the journalist. She believed that this training gave her confidence to pass the exam and to become a qualified Chinese teacher. “In the future, I will put more efforts in learning Chinese so as to tell Chinese stories well to other Filipinos!” Antani, another Chinese teacher in the Philippines, believed that competent Chinese teachers in the Philippines can convey the goodwill of China to the Philippines, and the friendship of the Filipinos to China, thus building a bridge for communication between the two countries.

Leonor Briones, Secretary of Education of the Philippines, hoped that more young people in the Philippines will learn Chinese. With the growing influence of China, learning Chinese well will be of great benefit to the career development of the young in the Philippines and help them better keep pace with the times. “The Philippine Department of Education will make the promotion of Chinese language teaching a priority,” Leonor told the journalist.

(Story by Zhao Yipu, People’s Daily, Page 21, December 6th, 2018)

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