President Xi Jinping Witnesses Signing Ceremony of Agreement on Establishing Confucius Institute at National University of Cordoba in Argentina

[Source]    Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban) [Time]    2018-12-04 18:05:50 

At around 12 a.m. on December 2nd, local time, Chinese President Xi Jinping, during his state visit to Argentina after the 13th G20 Summit, attended the signing ceremony of a series of cooperation agreements between the two countries with Argentine President Mauricio Macri. They together witnessed the signing of the agreement on establishing the Confucius Institute at the National University of Cordoba.

Located in South America, Argentina has a population of 40.11 million and an area of 2.78 million square kilometers. Its official language is Spanish, and its education level ranks high among all Latin American countries. The National University of Cordoba, founded in 1613, is the oldest university in Argentina. There are 130,000 students, more than 9,000 teachers and 3,000 researchers. In recent years, with the growing demand for Chinese learning in Argentina, the university has been actively engaging in Chinese teaching. At present, more than 300 students are learning Chinese at the university. In order to promote more formal Chinese teaching, the university has reached consensus with Hanban on co-establishing the Confucius Institute.

The establishment of the Confucius Institute at the National University of Cordoba is conducive to enhancing Chinese language teaching in the region of Cordoba and even in Argentina at large, and to promoting people-to-people and cultural exchanges between the two nations and the friendship between the two peoples.


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