Confucius Institute Art Performance Tour Program

[Source]     Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban) [Time]    2018-11-20 16:30:03 

For promoting Chinese culture through the platform of Confucius Institute, and verifying the cultural activities of Confucius Institutes, the Headquarters coordinate various outstanding art performance resources and groups to implement various Chinese art tour performances with the support of local CIs in occasions of traditional Chinese festivals and major events of Confucius Institutes each year. This program has three categories:



This category is mainly to support those arts groups of the CI Chinese partner universities or educational departments to do tour performances on Chinese arts and exchange activities in the overseas CIs (CCs). The program’s major aim is to strengthen the construction of CIs (CCs), and facilitate the educational exchange and cooperation between both Chinese and foreign partners. Performances are arranged with priority to those CIs who are going to have significant events such as the Confucius Institute Day, CI anniversary celebration and inauguration ceremony of newly established CI (CC). Programs are classified into two types according to the number of members: the Regular Group Program (6-30 members), and the Small Group Program (less than 6 members). The visiting time should not exceed 14 days.


The Regular Group Programs (6-30 members) are usually applied by the partner universities and departments, and applications should be submitted to the Division of Cultural Affairs. The Small Group Programs (less than 6 members) are usually applied by those CIs (CCs) who invite the performance, and applications should be submitted to the Division of Asian and African Confucius Institutes, the Division of American and Oceanian Confucius Institutes and the Division of European Confucius Institutes.



This category aims to enrich the cultural events of Confucius Institute and promote the key role of CI in cultural exchange. Programs under category B can be applied by either CIs (CCs), or art academies and organizations or individual artists. The program should be able to target the tastes of local audiences, and highlight the platform function of Confucius Institute in sino-foreign cultural exchange. The performance should be able to reflect both traditional and contemporary culture of China with quality production. The Headquarters would primarily support those programs that are able to establish substantial partnership with local crucial cultural and artistic platforms or institutions (e.g. music festival, chorus festival, art festival, etc.). The size of the group and the visiting time may vary according to the specific programs.


Program under this category can be applied to the Division of Cultural Affairs throughout the whole year. However, you should submit your project proposal, budget form and performance videos at least 90 working days ahead.



This category refers to those programs designated by the Headquarters for supporting significant events (e.g., celebrating the friendship between the two countries, celebrating the establishment of diplomatic relations, etc.). The size of group and the visiting time may vary according to the demands of the event.


The Headquarters directly assigns a particular troupe to undertake the art performance tour, and processes the performing planning as well as budget according to the specific conditions.





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