Another Contribution to the Transcultural Forum of the Confucius Institute and to the Construction of World Peace: the Tour of the Opera Yue

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The 5th World Confucius Day was kicked off on September 21st, 2018. On the evening of September 23, the Confucius Institute at the University of Artois cooperated with the Arras Municipal Government and the French Golden Palm Cultural Exchange Association once again to hold the second drama “Liang & Zhu” for the World Confucius Day.

Frédéric Leturque, Mayor of Arras, Pasquale Mammone, current president of the University of Artois, and former president of the same university, Christian Morzewski and Nearly 300 people from Arras, Paris, and nearby cities come to watch the show. All the seats in the ancient Arras Theatre which was built in 17th-century were occupied.


The performance was jointly funded by the Government of Arras, the University of Artois and the Confucius Institute of Artois, and it received energetic support and help from the president, International Office and Propaganda Department of the University of Artois. The main actors were all winners of Plum Performance Award. The exquisite performances of the stars are fascinating, and the romantic and mournful storyline has been highly praised by the local people.



As a high-level art form, Yue Opera represents a delicate and feminine Chinese culture, and this stage of classical love is exactly the same as the love theme of human concern.undoubtedly. The outstanding performance of the Zhejiang Yue Opera Troupe under the framework of Confucius Day in the "Liang & Zhu” is another major contribution to the cross-cultural forum of the Confucius Institute and World Peace.

Group photo

Group photo

We designed the two performances of star version of Yue Opera "Liang & Zhu” in France for the World Confucius Day. In order to create a cross-cultural dimension, we have prepared it for half a year. It pays tribute to all the world's people and local governments, the University of Artois, and Chinese and French students who participate in the intercultural dialogue of the Confucius Institute in a distinguished way.

Edition / CHEN Yunyun Photo / MAO Xiang, LIU Wenzhen


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