CI at SF State Supports Associated Students to Host a Special Chinese Culture Presentation on 14th Annual Higher Learning Day on Campus

[Source]    Confucius Institute at San Francisco State University,CA,USA [Time]    2018-10-26 15:53:09 

Wednesday, October 10th, 2018, the Confucius Institute at San Francisco State University (CI at SF State) successfully hosted a Chinese culture workshop to celebrate the 14th Annual Higher Learning Day with middles school students in association with the Associated Students at SF State. To add Chinese culture to the pipeline of this annual program and integrate Chinese language and culture education into the University, the Confucius Institute organized a series of Chinse activities featuring Chinese Calligraphy and Paper-cutting Arts at the Rose Parks at SF State Student Center. The Associated Students at SF State reached the Confucius Institute for cooperation in co-hosting this event because of Confucius Institute’s expertise in Chinese teaching and culture exchanges. Most middle school students in San Francisco Bay Area are bilingual learners who are looking for more opportunities to get some information about college life and experience different culture. More than forty students from local schools participated in the workshop.

All students and chaperones came to the well-decorated conference room as if entering a beautiful garden of Chinese culture. CI Director Jiaxin Xie’s ice-breaking question “Do you know anything about the Confucius Institute” got young students’ attention and made them interact and communicate enthusiastically with the host. A brief introduction to the Confucius Institute’s major programs and planning of the activities highlighted the theme of the celebration day – experience Chinese culture with the Confucius Institute.

CI Director Jiaxin Xie at the opening ceremony

In the first half of the workshop, Liaoyuan Zhang and Shuxin Ji, two teachers from CI at SF State, introduced the historical development, cultural connotation and main classification of calligraphy and paper-cutting. The video presentation and moving stories about calligraphy and paper-cutting show the beauty of Chinese arts and let the students have a sense and preliminary understanding of the two art forms. The students could not wait any longer to learn how to use brush pens to write Chinese characters and how to make a beautiful art entry by cutting a piece of paper.

Ms. Liaoyuan Zhang sharing a story about Chinese calligraphy

Ms. Shuxin Ji presenting arts of Chinese Paper-cutting

The second half of the workshop is an experience part of calligraphy and paper-cutting. Teachers of CI at SF State prepared calligraphy and paper-cutting tools for each of the students, so that they can follow the instructions and gain hands-on experience by doing the work with the teachers. All students showed their interest in these specially designed activities and enjoyed learning the basic techniques of calligraphy and paper-cutting with the CI teachers. They expressed the wish that they could have more opportunities to understand Chinese culture.

Learning how to hold Chinese brush pens

Learning steps for Chinese Paper-cutting

Two girls who participated in the event said that they like calligraphy very much. At the end of the workshop, the teacher from Confucius Institute presented a Chinese brush pen to each of them as a gift, expecting that they would maintain interests in learning Chinese language and culture in the future. They wrapped the brush and their art pieces of calligraphy carefully, promising that they would continue to practice writing with brush pen. After interaction and communication with the teachers during the workshop, some students expressed their interest in coming to SF State after graduation from high school because the Confucius Institute offered Chinese language and culture courses for students, faculty and staff. The Confucius Institute prepared gifts for each of the students at the end of the workshop, which gave them a special impression about Chinese culture and left the conference room with good memories about the Confucius Institute.

Sharing Art Works with CI Teachers

CI at SF State serves as a comprehensive Confucius Institute, providing a variety of Chinese language courses, Chinese language teacher training, Lecture Series on Chinese culture and arts, and performances for SF State students and students in Northern California. As a part of the celebration of the 14th Annual Higher Learning Day, the Chinese culture experience workshop fully demonstrated the splendor of Chinese culture, strengthened the connection between the University and middle schools, providing a good opportunity for local middle school students to learn Chinese culture with CI while having a campus tour at SF State.


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