Opening Day of Wuhan - Borlange Confucius Institue

[Source]    Wuhan - Borlange friendship city Confucius Institute [Time]    2018-10-25 13:42:20 

On October 4th,the Wuhan-Borlange Friendship City Confucius Institute held its first opening-day at Haga High School. Nearly 100 teachers and students participated in the opening-day. Teachers and volunteers from the Confucius Institute showed the glamorous Chinese traditional culture to the staff and students of Haga High School,including Chinese art, Chinese calligraphy, Chinese painting, Chinese traditional medicine, and Chinese language.

Display of traditional artisanship

At the beginning of the activity, Chinese Director Tu Qian gave a brief speech to introduce the establishment of Wuhan-Borlange Friendship City Confucius Institute and the main purpose of the Confucius Institute. She extended her welcome to all the teachers and students to learn Chinese language and culture, to experience Chinese traditional medicine. After that, the short-term exchange teachers sent by Jianghan University to Confucius Institutes showed the wonderful Chinese culture: music teacher Hu Tingting performed a song called mountains and rivers on the traditional musical instruments Guzheng which touched the souls of all the audience present. Calligraphy teacher Wu Xuecong wrote the Chinese character "dragon" on the spot; art teacher Hui Bo painted a lively lotus; accompanied by the Guzheng, Wang Dan demonstrated a solo dance "plum blossom in snow" and music teacher Hou Jiejie’s folk song "jasmine flower" won teachers and students marvel and applause.


Folk song

Calligraphy teacher giving the name

Art teacher painting a lively lotus

After the performance, the teachers and students experienced more Chinese culture. HAGA teachers and students tried acupuncture, massage, cupping and other techniques of traditional Chinese medicine; people lined up to wait for the Chinese teacher to give a Chinese name one by one. Eager participants circled around the Cheng to play the strings curiously; Chinese Opera puppet "Yang Zongbao” and “Mu Guiying”, Panda dolls and Chinese landscape postcards made teachers and students interested. Traditional Chinese snacks such as tremella soup, mung bean soup, moon cake and chrysanthemum tea also made Swedish friends joyful. The atmosphere was very lively, and the lobby was crowded with people of different colors, speaking different languages, but sharing something common: happy smile.

Chinese Director Tu Qian displaying the picture

Haga High School, the permanent office of Confucius Institute, was chosen as the venue of the first opening day of Wuhan-Borlange Friendship City Confucius Institute. Later on, the Wuhan-Borlange Friendship City Confucius Institute will hold more opening day activities in other places of Borlange and other cities as well, aiming to spread and promote Chinese language, Chinese culture and Chinese traditional medicine, and to bridge the communication between the people of two countries.