Wuhan-Borlange Friendship City Confucius Institute Officially Unveiled

[Source]    Wuhan-Borlange Friendship City Confucius Institute, Sweden [Time]    2018-10-22 18:15:46 

On September 26th, local time, the unveiling ceremony of the “Wuhan-Borlange Friendship City Confucius Institute” was held in Borlange, Sweden. Mari Jonsson, Executive Vice Mayor of Borlange, Gui Cuiyou, Chinese Ambassador to Sweden, Chen Ruifeng, Deputy Secretary of the Wuhan Municipal Party Committee, and Mao Hui, Vice President of Jianghan University, attended the event.

Jonsson expressed that the Confucius Institute was named after the friendship cities because it is rooted in a foundation of good cooperation between them. As the interaction between the two cities increases, more people in Borlange have become interested in China. The establishment of the Confucius Institute meets citizens’ needs to learn Chinese, understand Chinese culture and strengthen business and trade with China. She believed the Confucius Institute will further strengthen exchanges and contribute to the cooperation and friendship between the two sides. She hoped that the Institute will strengthen the friendship between the two peoples and become a center of diversity, helping citizens with different ethnic backgrounds to understand each other and build mutual trust.

Yang Boman, Mayor of Borlange, sent a congratulatory letter, in which he expressed pride for the establishment of the Confucius Institute. He hoped that the Confucius Institute would succeed with the support and care from all parties and benefit the citizens of the two cities. He will do his best to support the development of the Confucius Institute.

Chen Ruifeng expressed that the Government of Wuhan is willing to work with the City Government of Borlange to fully support and accelerate the work of the Institute and jointly send exciting and positive energy to the construction and development of Confucius Institutes around the world.

Gui Congyou believed that the establishment of Wuhan-Borlange Friendship City Confucius Institute would build a bridge between the two peoples to learn each other’s languages and culture; enhance understanding and trust, and promote spiritual communication. It will strengthen the cooperation between Wuhan and Borlange in various fields and also play an active role in promoting friendly relations between China and Sweden.

After the speeches, Mari Jonsson, Chen Ruifeng, Gui Congyou, Mao Hui and other guests jointly unveiled the nameplate of the Confucius Institute.

Guests unveiling the nameplate of Wuhan-Borlange Friendship City Confucius Institute

After the unveiling ceremony, the Sino-Swiss joint performance was held. The teachers and students from schools of Music and Fine Arts in Jianghan University and Swedish traditional dance team and musical art groups performed together, bringing shows including a guzheng solo, kungfu taiji performance, cheongsam show and Swedish traditional dance. The performances were excellent and fully showed the traditional culture of China and Sweden. At the subsequent reception dinner, teachers from the Confucius Institute also conducted on-the-spot interactive teaching of daily Chinese expressions.

Guzheng teacher from Jianghan University performing with local musicians

Chinese traditional opera performance

Swedish traditional folk dance

The Wuhan-Borlange Friendship City Confucius Institute, as the world’s first named after friendship cities, was formally established in April 2018. Its establishment will become a good platform for Swedish people to learn Chinese language, Chinese traditional medicine and other traditional Chinese culture.


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