President of Fiji Celebrates Mid-Autumn Festival and Chinese National Day with Overseas Chinese

[Source]    Confucius Institute at the University of the South Pacific of Fiji [Time]    2018-10-15 17:25:48 

On September 23rd local time, the Confucius Institute at the University of the South Pacific of Fiji and the Chinese Association of Fiji co-organized a gala for overseas Chinese in Fiji to celebrate Chinese National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival at the auditorium of Yat Sen School. H.E. Major-General (Ret’d) Jioji Konusi Konrote, President of Fiji , Qian Bo, Chinese Ambassador to Fiji, Chen Wanxian, President of the Chinese Association of Fiji and other people attended the event.

The gala started with an extraordinary performance of lion dance, in which performers wearing lion costumes in various colors mimicked lions’ movements. These performers’ movements were so similar to those of lions and won rounds of cheering and applause. After that, Jioji Konusi Konrote, Qian Bo and his wife Lu Qi together with Chen Wanxian performed the traditional custom of “cai qing”, literally meaning “plucking the greens”, whereby the lion plucks the auspicious green lettuce either hung on a pole or placed on a table in front of the premises. As the climax of lion dancing, it represents the happiness of the festival and the best wishes for the future.

This gala was the first official activity Jioji Konusi Konrote has attended after his reappointment. Konrote, on behalf of the government of Fiji, extended congratulations to the Mid-Autumn Festival and also the 69th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. He highly appreciated the contributions that the overseas Chinese in Fiji have made to the economic development of the country. He expressed that overseas Chinese with their hardworking spirit, the traditional virtue of Chinese nation, have made outstanding achievements in Fiji, which were unanimously praised by the Fijians. At last, Konrote appreciated the great support of the Confucius Institute for this event, and also wished the event a complete success.

Jioji Konusi Konrote delivering a speech

Konrote warmly shaking hands with local Chinese people

Qian Bo introduced the benefits that the Belt and Road Initiative has brought to Fiji and the achievements China has made in the past 40 years of reform and opening-up. He has extended festival greetings to Konrote and over 600 present overseas Chinese, and appreciated the positive contributions the overseas Chinese have made to social development of Fiji as well as China-Fiji relations.

As a representative of overseas Chinese in Fiji, Chen Wanxian extended congratulations to the 69th birthday of China. She expressed sincere gratitude to the support of the Confucius Institute and wished that the friendship between China and Fiji will last forever.

The following art performances were eye-popping, including Tai Chi, yoga, peacock dance, electric guitar, which earned warm applause from the audience.

Both performances on the stage of and the behind-the-scenes preparation for this event involved hard work of the staff from the Confucius Institute. The event has enjoyed a complete success, letting the audience have a good time in a strong festive atmosphere.