Presbyterian College Confucius Institute International Day
---A Celebration of Confucius Institute Day and Cultural Diversity

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Presbyterian College, USA [Time]    2018-10-13 15:15:23 

On October 2nd, Tuesday, the Confucius Institute at Presbyterian College (PC) hosted the Confucius Institute International Day to celebrate the Confucius Institute Day. Several other PC departments, including the Office of International Programs, Students Involvement, Multicultural Programs and Modern Foreign Languages Department and Music Department, worked together to make this event to reach more students and people in the community.

Students, faculty and staff, as well as community members enjoyed this special occasion full of happiness and culture diversity in front of the Greenville Dining Hall(GDH) at PC.

After Dr. David Liu, director of Confucius Institute, welcomed the audiences and announced the opening of the celebration, PC president Bob Staton expressed his wishes for the success of the celebration and for the collaboration between PC and Confucius Institute.

Bob Staton expressing his wishes

The first highlight was the Chinese dragon dance played by both Chinese professor and American students. It attracted all the individuals present. Accompanied by loud, spirit-lifting drum beats, the dragon became alive, flying up and down.

Dragon dance

Then the Tai Chi performance by a group of PC students, who learned Tai Chi for only one month at PC, amazed all the people and gained hoorays and long-time applause.

Tai Chi performance

A wonderful fashion show, featuring various traditional costumes of different minority groups in China, was presented by Chinese, American and international students. Both the costumes and the catwalks became the focus of spotlight.

Fashion show

After that, Will Armstrong, a student from Laurens High School, sang two Chinese songs Beijing Welcomes You and You Exist in my Song, which stunned the audience and kept them wondering how he could sing so well in Chinese.

Chinese instructors, Peng Anqi and Hong Dandan, played Ukulele, while Li Hongjing displayed Chinese calligraphy with ink and brush, accompanied by the music of Guzheng and Hulusi, two traditional musical instruments, all of which fascinated the audiences.

Guzheng and Chinese Calligraphy

Another highlight of the celebration was Chinese names written with ink and brush, which was mainly done by Li Hongjing, one of the Chinese instructors. Participants waited in long lines to get their Chinese names written and were more than thrilled when they got their Chinese names.

Besides performances, colorful posters and decorations also showed the audiences the wonders, cultural symbols, games, foods and tea of China. Chinese Zodiac animals, chess, Chinese knots, Chinese lanterns, paper-cutting, chopsticks, kites and other cultural symbols were among the exhibition. Chinese tea and food such as dumplings, Spring rolls and fried wonton etc.were also served.

Enjoying Chinese tea

Chinese Zodiac

International students from other areas, such as Japan, South Korea, France, Northern Ireland and Colombia, also displayed their home countries and cultures with posters, food and drinks.

By Li Hongyan


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