Newsletter: China-Belarus Industrial Park Brings Opportunities to Belarusian Chinese Enthusiasts

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“I have been studying Chinese for four years and hope to find a good job in the China-Belarus Industrial Park in the future,” Belarusian student Anastasia told the journalist on September 30th at the “Confucius Institute Day” event in Smalyavichy District Middle School in Minsk.

Anastasia is an 11th grader at Smalyavichy District Middle School. A few years ago, this middle school initiated Chinese classes. At the time, Smalyavichy District was going to build the China-Belarus Industrial Park, and therefore Anastasia often heard people talking about China-Belarus cooperation. Full of curiosity about China, she took Chinese classes at school and has formed an inseparable bond with Chinese language since then.

Having been studying Chinese for four years, Anastasia won the first place in a national Chinese contest held in Belarus in early 2018. Last year, she went to China to join a Chinese summer camp, visited places such as Beijing and Dalian, and boarded the Great Wall.

Anastasia plans to further her studies at the Confucius Institute in her spare time after taking the university entrance exam next year. “I wish I can get a job in the China-Belarus Industrial Park after graduating from university, so I can work near home.”

The mother of Anna, a sixth-grade student of Tai Chi fan dance, said that the China-Belarus Industrial Park was being built rapidly and would definitely be in great need of Chinese talents in the future, and therefore she decided to let her daughter learn Chinese.

According to the introduction of Levchenko, a middle school teacher in Smalyavichy District Middle School, in order to increase students’ interest in Chinese, the school specially organized them to visit the China-Belarus Industrial Park, so that they could practically get a grasp of the huge project on their doorsteps and the potential demand for Chinese talents.

As to promoting Chinese language teaching in the Smalyavichy District, the Confucius Institute of the Belarus State University set up a Chinese language teaching centre in the Smalyavichy District Middle School in 2015. Tozik, Director of the Confucius Institute, said at the “Confucius Institute Day” event that the China-Belarus Industrial Park is becoming a platform for the country’s innovation and economic development. He hoped Smalyavichy’s students and their parents will one day recognize that learning Chinese is promising and that they will be able to find well-paid jobs near home in the future.

While developing and constructing the park, it is held in mind that talents in Chinese language will become ever more indispensable for its smooth operation. China Merchants Group, which is in charge of the park’s development, began working with the Confucius Institute of Belarus State University last year to fund the latter’s development of Chinese teaching in the country. With such help, a modern phonetic classroom will soon be set up in Smalyavichy District Middle School, which will greatly improve the conditions for Chinese teaching.

With the strong support of both China and Belarus, the language program becomes more attractive. During the “Confucius Institute Day” event, students were interested in learning Chinese calligraphy, performing Tai Chi fan dance, tasting Chinese tea, and learning Chinese characters and pronunciation with their Chinese teachers.

“Today’s event was very interesting. When I start learning a foreign language next year, I will definitely choose Chinese,” were the words of a fifth-grade student named Ksenia to the journalist.

(Story by Wei Zhongjie and Li Jia, Xinhua News Agency, Minsk, September 30th)

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