Orchids Blossom in Spring Day
—Celebration of Tenth Anniversary of Confucius Institute at Antananarivo University (CIAU) and Awarding Ceremony of Ambassador Scholarship

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Antananarivo University, Madagascar [Time]    2018-10-07 17:20:12 

On September 28th local time, the celebration of the tenth anniversary of CIAU in Madagascar and the awarding ceremony of Ambassador Scholarship was held at the auditorium of Antananarivo University. Christian Ralijaona, Secretary General of Madagascar’s Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Rabemanantsoa Rocquie, Chairman of Council of Antananarivo University, Panja Ramanoelina, President of Antananarivo University, Yang Xiaorong, Chinese Ambassador to Madagascar, Chen Yunping, Vice President of Jiangxi Normal University (JNU), Chen Lijuan, former Chinese Director of CIAU, representatives from Chinese-funded enterprises and overseas Chinese communities in Madagascar, JNU delegation, faculties and students of CIAU and parents and other guests attended the celebration.

Yang Xiaorong in her speech spoke highly of the achievements CIAU has made in the past ten years. She pointed out that such major universities in Madagascar as Antananarivo University, the University of Fianarantsoa and the University of Toamasina have successively incorporated Chinese language teaching into their educational systems. With the establishment of Confucius Classrooms— “little bird’s-nests” subordinated to the Confucius Institute, Chinese language has already been incorporated into the curriculum system of primary schools, junior high schools and senior high schools in Madagascar as a compulsory course. She praised that, as the first Confucius Institute in Madagascar, CIAU is not only a pioneer of Chinese language teaching and Chinese culture promotion in Madagascar, but also a bright pearl of cultural exchanges between China and Madagascar as well as a model of the development of China-Madagascar friendly relations.

Yang Xiaorong delivering a speech

In his speech, Christian Ralijaona reiterated that it is of great significance for Madagascans to learn Chinese language and understand Chinese culture. He hopes to continue promoting the cultural and educational cooperation between Madagascar and China.

Christian Ralijaona delivering a speech

Panja Ramanoelina in his speech highly praised the progress and development CIAU has achieved in the past decade. He expressed that CIAU is not only a paradise for students to learn Chinese language and culture, but also a platform for the cultural exchanges between Chinese and Madagascans as well as a bridge of friendship for the two peoples.

Panja Ramanoelina delivering a speech

In his speech, Chen Yunping spoke highly of and made a summary on the achievements CIAU has made in the past ten years, and expressed his gratitude to the Chinese Embassy in Madagascar, Antananarivo University, Chinese-funded enterprises and overseas Chinese communities in Madagascar, as well as all faculties and other staff in CIAU for their hard work.

Chen Yunping delivering a speech

At the end of speeches, the guests jointly unveiled the plate of the Joint Laboratory of School of Life Sciences of JNU and Department of Agriculture of Antananarivo University.

Unveiling ceremony

Yang Xiaorong also presented the 2018 Ambassador Scholarship to the award winners and encouraged them to work harder to learn Chinese language well. The awards for “Chinese Language Envoy” and Chinese Language Outstanding Contribution Awards were also presented. Zhu Liya, Wu Ni and Ma Lina, local Chinese teachers of CIAU, were awarded the honorary title of “Chinese Language Envoy”.

Yang Xiaorong and winners of Ambassador Scholarship

During the stage show, performers from JNU Aerobic Team put on performances of “Salon”, “Chef”, “Fire”, “Gladiators”, aerobic dancing, tango, woman single and mixed pair of competitive aerobics, etc., winning applause and cheers. The spectators were still lingering around at the end of the performances.

Performance of “Salon”

Performance of “Fire”

The dancing performances of “Clever Sparrows” and “Customs of Six Provinces in Madagascar” prepared by CIAU were as good as that of the professional team, also winning endless cheering.

Dancing performance of “Customs of Six Provinces in Madagascar” by CIAU students

Group photo of CIAU teachers, students and other guests

Since its establishment ten years ago, CIAU has devoted itself to Chinese language teaching and Chinese culture promotion, cultivating a large group of Chinese language talents for Madagascar. With brilliant teaching achievements, CIAU’s reputation has also been increasingly enhanced, like “orchids blossom in spring day”. This celebration is an overview of the school-running course and achievements in the past decade as well as a prospect for future development.

Story by Li Pingping; photos by Ling Peihua