Chinese Links the World, Chinese Culture Connects You and Me——Confucius Institute at University of Miami Holds 5th Confucius Institute Day (Chinese Festival)

[Source]    Confucius Institute at the University of Miami [Time]    2018-10-06 14:51:23 

On September 28th, local time, the Confucius Institute at the University of Miami held its 5th Confucius Institute Day (Chinese Festival). The festival activities included large-scale martial arts and kite painting competitions, a presentation of Chinese culture, a program of experiencing Chinese culture, and traditional Chinese art performances. More than 2,000 people, including teachers and students from 13 secondary schools in Ohio, residents from Oxford City as well as students and staff from the University of Miami attended this event.

Cultural exhibition booth at the plaza

The martial arts competition took place at the Cook Field. Led by Jerome Cook, a local martial artist, and Zhang Chen, a martial art teacher of the Confucius Institute, students in t-shirts with the logo of the Confucius Institute, standing in lines, imitated the basic movements of the five-step boxing as contestants representing their own schools. These beginners of Chinese martial arts were so enthusiastic and full of energy that they performed every movement earnestly and meticulously.

Students learning martial arts

The kite-painting competition that followed was also warmly received by the local students. This year’s theme of kite-designing is “China Impression”, and the participants had already painted their kites with Chinese elements according to their interpretation of the assigned theme and brought them to the venue. Many students painted on their kites traditional Chinese buildings, Chinese dragons, pandas, portraits of Confucius and so on. Their artworks were vivid and creative. Afterwards, they flew their own kites and had a good time. In the end, Sycamore High School won both the individual and group champions.

Appraising the prize of kite designing

Kite designing show

At 5 pm, the plaza of Oxford was teemed with a strong Chinese atmosphere. The Confucius Institute at the University of Miami and other local secondary schools placed about twenty cultural exhibition stands and game booths. Each had a different theme, including performing Chinese calligraphy, trying on Han costumes, writing Chinese characters, making panda masks, learning the game of go, tasting Chinese delicacies and playing games with chopstick. Every stand was filled with enthusiastic participants. A citizen who came with his children said, “The Chinese Festival not only gives us a great chance to understand the Chinese culture and enjoy its charm, but also offers us an opportunity to make Chinese friends, and it provides a perfect stage for multicultural communication.”

Display of Han costumes

On the night, the Chinese festival gala, held by the Confucius Institute, kicked off at the stage of the Oxford plaza. In his speech, Steve Dana, Deputy Mayor of Oxford, highly praised the Confucius Institute for its positive role in “building a stage for multicultural communication” in the University of Miami and Oxford community. He also affirmed that the Confucius Institute was an important bridge of cultural communication between the United States and China.

In his speech, Cheryl Young, Assistant Provost of the University of Miami, expressed her warm welcome to more than 400 students from the greater Cincinnati area and thanked them for their well-designed cultural exhibition stands which brought profound cultural experiences to the people of Oxford. Meanwhile, she expressed her sincere gratitude to one hundred hardworking volunteers, who consisted of Chinese students, American students, staff and alumni of the University of Miami.

Later, the wonderful performance by the lion dance club of the Confucius Institute amazed the audience. Jiang Zhongqing, Chinese Director of the Confucius Institute, and Cheryl Young awarded the group and individual winners of martial arts and kite painting competitions.

Performing a lion dance

Next, students from Mason High School played diabolo and students from Franklin County High School sang a Chinese song, “Sorry My Chinese Is Not Good”, and gained thunderous cheers.

The folk music club of the Confucius Institute performed folk music in unison and the folk dance club performed a traditional dance, showing the beauty of traditional Chinese arts. The Han Costume club performed a Han costume show and a sleeve dance, in which each and every move displayed the Chinese etiquette culture.

Performing folk music in unison “Colorful Clouds Chase the Moon”

Dance “A Happy Red”

The beautiful Chinese drum and dance performance given by the performers from the famous Yang Bing Chinese Performing Arts Center intoxicated the audience. Finally, the hip-hop club of the University of Miami, DZTB, performed an amazing street dance, which was a successful conclusion of the gala.

Story by Kong Ruoxi and Xu Zhuofan


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