Another Contribution to the Transcultural Forum of the Confucius Institute and to Construction of World Peace: Tour of Yue Opera

[Source]    Confucius Institute in Artois [Time]    2018-10-04 14:51:33 

The fifth World Confucius Institute Day inaugurated on September 21, 2018 on a global scale. In the evening, the Confucius Institute of Artois, the Regional Council Hauts-de-France, the China National Arts Fund and the Golden Palm Association organized the entire show of the Opera Yue Classical "Liang & Zhu" in Lille, the fifth largest city in France, which is also the capital and the economic and cultural center of the Hauts-de-France Region. This is the first time Lille has hosted the opera Yue.

The 1186 spectators came from every corner, some of whom had to travel a thousand kilometers to get to the New Century Theater from Italy. The youngest spectator was 4 years old, while the oldest was 91 years old.

Supported by the China National Arts Fund, the Regional Council Hauts-de-France and the Confucius Institute of Artois, the show was given by actresses whose the six main were awarded the prize of Plum blossom, the 'Oscar of the theater'. The high-level, delicate interpretation, the beautiful scenery and the sublime script impressed spectators who did not know Opera Yue. They all went on stage to take pictures with the actresses and did not want to leave.

Dong Xiaoping, the well-known folklore expert and Professor at Beijing Normal University, sent her warm congratulations on the success of the show. She pointed out that "Liang & Zhu" is a genre story "Madame Butterfly", ranked AT 970A and the 78th in the "Dunhuang Bianwen". The Zhejiang people have made a great contribution in making Chinese history into the form of the Opera Yue. "Liang & Zhu" is an excellent topic of transculturality.




The sublime performance of the Zhejiang Yueju troupe in "Liang & Zhu" as part of the World Confucius Institute Day is undoubtedly another contribution to the transcultural forum of the Confucius Institute and the building of world peace. Designed for World Confucius Day, this piece that creates a transcultural dimension for the World Confucius Institutes Day in Northern France is the result of a 6-month preparation. It pays tribute to all the people and local governments, the University of Artois and the students in France participating in this transcultural dialogue of the Confucius Institute in a distinguished way.

Edition / YANG Yue Photo / MAO Xiang, LIN Jiaju