Kung Fu Boys Appear on Mozambique STV Prime-Time Show

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Eduardo Mandlane University, Mozambique [Time]    2018-09-18 15:19:47 

On September 13rd, local time, a group of Kung Fu boys—Morvan, Wald, and Esse from the Confucius Institute, and Liu Kang, a Chinese major student in Eduardo Mandlane University, appeared at the Manhãs Alegres studio of Mozambique STV, delivering a live show of authentic Chinese kung fu to Mozambican.

As the music began to play, Morvan, dressing in white, stepped up the stage with a graceful bearing. Then, he performed Tai Chi smoothly at a steady pace, played Tai Chi sword in flowing ways, and held tension in his hands with an easy manner. The whole set of performance of Chinese Kung Fu fully showed what this Mozambican boy has learnt.

Morvan performing Tai Chi sword

Morvan is a judge of the national gymnastics competition, who started rhythmic gymnastics at a very young age. Fascinated by Chinese Kung Fu, he came to the Confucius Institute to learn martial arts, free combat, 24-form Tai Chi chuan, 32-form Tai Chi sword, the five-step boxing, and hand-pushing when he was majoring in architecture in Eduardo Mandlane University. In the past two years, he has kept practicing Kung Fu every day, come rain or shine.

Sharing the same interests on Chinese and Chinese Kung Fu, Morvan made friends with other two performers, Wald and Esse, in the Confucius Institute. Their performances, while showing hardness and softness as well as elegant postures of Tai Chi, represented the special meaning of building friendship in the Chinese culture.

Tai Chi performance

As a Chinese saying goes, one-minute performance on stage takes ten-year of work. Though Liu Kang made his long boxing performance for only one minute, we could see the strength conveyed from his powerful movements, which could only be forged during a long- time practice. Liu Kang said that Chinese Kung Fu has not only kept him fit, but also encouraged him to reach out.

Liu Kang performing long boxing

The show delivered by students from the Confucius Institute on Mozambique STV have not only exhibited the teaching achievements and promoted the Chinese culture in a more direct way, but also kicked off the opening ceremony of the 5th “Confucius Institute Day”.

Story and Photo by Liu Mingyu


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