Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition on Belt and Road Initiative Unveils in Warsaw

[Source]    Confucius Institute in Krakow, Poland [Time]    2018-09-13 16:36:31 

On September 3rd, local time, the “Belt and Road” Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition of Chinese Masters was unveiled at Pałac Konstantego Zamoyskiego Art Gallery in Poland. This exhibition was sponsored by the Confucius Institute in Krakow, the China-Poland Friendship Association, the Traditional Culture and Arts Committee of China Enterprise Culture Improvement Association and the Beijing Guomo Painting and Calligraphy Institute.

Ksawery Burski, Former Polish Ambassador to China said in his speech that he was pleased with art exchanges between Poland and China, and this exhibition further enriched the connotations of the Silk Road Economic Belt.

Painting and calligraphy exhibition

The exhibition collects approximately 40 paintings and calligraphy works from over 20 Chinese contemporary masters. These art works presented in a lucid and refined style grasp both the form and essence of sceneries along the Silk Road, and mirror artists’ reflections on years of observation in the regions along the Belt and Road. Artists also painted and wrote in calligraphy on site, and presented their works to the Confucius Institute.

Artist writing in calligraphy

Artist presenting calligraphy works to the Confucius Institute

Artists from China and Poland exchanging ideas

Feng Hai, Dean of the Beijing Guomo Painting and Calligraphy Institute, said that as the most recognizable symbol of the Chinese culture, painting and calligraphy play vital roles in international exchanges. They represent Chinese intellectual and spiritual life and fully express the essence of the Chinese philosophy. Through international exchanges, the Chinese culture and foreign cultures could interact with and learn from each other.

Art enthusiast visiting the exhibition

A visitor said that she appreciated the traditional artistic expression of the Chinese calligraphy and painting, and the Chinese poems in painting and calligraphy reflected the diversity of Chinese art.

Story by Liu Chao