Celebrating "Qi Xi"

[Source]    Confucius Institute at the University of Banja [Time]    2018-08-20 16:15:54 

On August 17th, 2018, the Confucius Institute at the University of Banja Luka held an activity on the most romantic day in China, "Qi Xi"——"Chinese Valentine's Day". Together with Ljiljana Stević, Foreign Director of CI, Cai Ying, Chinese Director of CI, and other staff members of CI, all the CI students and local citizens who are interested in Chinese culture attended the event at conference room No. 201 in the building of Faculty of Political Sciences.

The whole event consists of four parts: Brief introduction on the celebration of Valentine's Day in China and Bosnia and Herzegovina, A&Q session about contemporary Chinese marriage knowledge, performance of ancient Chinese wedding ceremony and hand-making paper roses. The audience were deeply touched by this beautiful love story of "Niu Lang and Zhi N ü"——two most important roles in the legend of "Qi Xi" told by Chinese teacher GaoYang.

Gao Yang introducing the legend story

After that, Mladen Duran, a student of elementary Chinese class, made a presentation of a local love story——"Romeo and Juliet in the Republic of Srpska" which sparkled a hot discussion on similarities and differences in the attitudes of two peoples towards love.

Mladen Duran making a presentation

To get the audience have a better knowledge about Chinese marriage issues, Professor Gao Yang prepared 4 questions, involving the legal ages for marriage in China, the meaning and origin of the word "sheng nü "——"left-over ladies", the blind date between young people and the ancient marriage law in China. Afterwards, a short informative video of the wedding ceremony in Han Dynasty was played, and then two CI students, wearing Chinese ancient costumes, gave a stage performance of the procedures of traditional Chinese wedding.

Students giving a stage performance

In the end, Chinese Director Cai Ying showed audience how to make "paper rose". Some students said making a rose in person was more meaningful than buying one from flower shop. The activity ended in making paper rose and taking photos with the "newly married".

Cai Ying showing audience how to make "paper rose"

At last, Foreign Director Ljiljana Stević and Chinese Director Cai Ying had a talk with the CI students to collect their ideas and suggestions on Chinese courses and Chinese cultural activities.