Final of the 17th Chinese Bridge-Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students Comes to Successful End

[Source]    Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban) [Time]    2018-08-08 13:25:39 

On August 4th, the final and closing ceremony of the 17th Chinese Bridge-Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students, which lasted for over a month, concluded successfully in Changsha, Hunan Province.

Opening of the final

Xu Dazhe, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee and Governor of Hunan Province; Ma Jianfei, Deputy Chief Executive of the Confucius Institute Headquarters and Deputy Director-General of Hanban; Xie Jianhui, Wang Kemin, Wu Guiying and Zhang Dafang, leaders of Hunan Province; Zhao Guocheng, Deputy Director-General of the Confucius Institute Headquarters; and Wang Qun, Secretary-General of Hunan Provincial People’s Government attended the closing ceremony and watched the competition.

From July to August this year, 152 college students from 141 competition sections in 118 countries standing out from overseas preliminaries gathered in Changsha to take part in the preliminary, quarter-finals, semi-finals and final of the 17th Chinese Bridge-Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students.

After fierce competition, Guan Huimin (Indonesia) from Asia group, Ding Jiaming (Nigeria) from Africa group, Lu Silan (Russia) from Europe group, Ke Luhan (the United States) from America group and Si Teng (Australia) from Oceania group respectively won the continental championship and stepped on the stage of the final.

The final was hosted by Wang Han, Ouyang Xiadan. Zhang Weiwei, the professor of Fudan University, Hai Xia, the prestigious broadcaster of CCTV, and Li Kaiming, Foreign Director of the Confucius Institute at the University of Zimbabwe served as judges.

Chinese singers Tengri, Yuan Weiya, Ma Sichao, Shanghai Little Star Troupe, Ukrainian LA VIVO chorus, Kazakhstan singer Dimash and other artists from home and abroad performed art programs such as New Song of Lake Dongting, I love you, China and One World, One Family, presenting a feast of knowledge and culture.

Five Continental Champions Affectionately Perform “Stories between China and World”

The contest was divided into three parts, namely “I am A China Hand”, “Stories between China and the World” and “Free Speech”, in which contestants’ comprehensive quality was evaluated from knowledge reserve, understanding and interpretation and language expression.

In the section of “I am a China hand”, Qin Siyuan, the former question setter and voice collector in the old Beijing hutong, Wang Shuai and Jiang Nan, the transnational trendsetter couple, Kennedy and Deanna, little China hands, Yin Weilian, a senior foreign fan of Peking Opera, and Xin Yue, Chief Correspondent of China Arab TV, returned to the final, setting various questions with distinctive characteristics for the contestants.

Each question setter put forward three questions, which carry one point, two points and three points respectively, with increasing difficulty. Si Teng, Lu Silan, Guan Huimin and Ding Jiaming won the match with the full score of 6 points. KeLuhan made a minor mistake, lagging slightly behind with five points. The contestants’ wonderful answers won rounds of applause from the audience.

After the first test, the five contestants reached the most challenging section—“Stories between China and the World”. This round of contest places the contestants in a specific environment and requires them to reinterpret historical stories or topics, aiming at evaluating their capabilities of understanding and interpreting stories.

The first group was Si Teng and Ding Jiaming, who brought the story of the Italian sinologist Matteo Ricci and the Chinese scientist Xu Guangqi hitting it off at their first meeting. Australian contestant Si Teng and Nigerian contestant Ding Jiaming cast as Matteo Ricci and Xu Guangqi respectively and presented the historical story of their joint translation of Euclid's Elements 400 years ago, reliving an tale of scientific and cultural exchanges between China and the West.

Si Teng and Ding Jiaming

Si Teng brought out a lively Matteo Ricci through dramatic performance. Stable and composed in actions, Ding Jiaming cast as Xu Guangqi, a knowledgeable and elegant “pioneer of Chinese-Western cultural exchanges”. The CCTV host Hai Xia commented: “They performed in perfect cooperation. Jiaming’s expression is excellent, but Si Teng’s performance has much more tension.”

The second one was an Indonesian girl Guan Huimin, who brought the song and dance performance of The story of Miss Chili, through which the history of Chili being introduced into China from Latin America was vividly retold.

Guan Huimin

Dressed in red, she and members of the “chili family” presented a delicious feast through singing and dancing. The pot of “stir-fried meat with chili” on the stage was even more eye-catching. Even Hai Xia could not help but exclaim her admiration: “Guan Huimin, such a petite and beautiful girl, broke out with great strength.”

The last group was Russian contestant Lu Silan and the US contestant Ke Luhan. They played Xian Xinghai and the Kazakh musician Baikadamov to retell the cross-border friendship during the war of 1942. “The smoke of the war clouded over us, but we still felt warm in heart even with only a ray of sunshine.”

Lu Silan and Ke Luhan amazed the judges and the audience with their exquisite acting skills and fluent oral Chinese. Zhang Weiwei, Dean of China Institute of Fudan University was moved: “I am totally involved and deeply touched.”

Confirmed Through My Eyes That Chinese Is My Lover

After two sections of fierce competition, Lu Silan ranked first with full score in the first round, the highest score of 29.62 in the second round and a total score of 35.62. Si Teng followed closely and ranked second with a total score of 34.05. Guan Huimin, Ding Jiaming and Ke Luhan slightly lagged behind, ranking third, fourth and fifth respectively. Lu Silan and Si Teng stood out and successfully entered the final round of competition—free speech.

In the third round, the final showdown, Si Teng told the story of himself serving as an envoy of exchanges between China and Australia and canvassed for himself with khoomei and three dialects. Ruslan’s affection towards Chinese are beyond words: “confirmed through my eyes that Chinese is my lover.”

The foreign director of Confucius Institute at the University of Zimbabwe was very gratified to see the wonderful performance of the two contestants. “Their speeches are wonderful. You let the world see the wonderful diversified culture and the charm of Chinese language, and strive hard for the establishment of a community with shared future for mankind.”

Lu Silan, the champion of 17th Chinese Bridge-Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students

After three rounds of intense competition, Lu Silan stood out and won the champion of 17th Chinese Bridge -Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students with a total score of 69.40 points and the title of “Star of Chinese Language” and “Chinese Ambassador”.

When being asked the secret for him to practice Chinese, Lu Silan replied, “Be a tour guide for Chinese tourists. My proficiency of Chinese has been greatly improved after being a tour guide in the past two years.” He said that the most difficult thing in learning Chinese is pronunciation and intonation. “When I introduced myself to Chinese tourists for the first time, no one understood.”

Little Boy Fell In Love With Chinese Because Of Letters

British boy Toby and his mother Sabin

The 10-year-old British boy Toby and his mother Sabin came to the competition. Toby has been writing to people all over the world since he was five and has received 550 replies from 195 countries so far. He has 14 pen pals in China.

Toby fell in love with Chinese because he received replies in Chinese and went to the Confucius Institute at the University of Sheffield to study Chinese with his mother. Now he can communicate with his pen pals in China and other countries in Chinese. Toby has built a bridge of communication connecting the world through letters. The same is true of the Chinese Bridge, which brings the youth all over the world together through Chinese language.

There were 134 campers from 108 countries in the final. Some of them are outstanding competitors emerging from nearly 100,000 preliminary contestants around the world. Others are previous excellent contestants invited to the Chinese Bridge of this year, including last year’s champion Zhao Zhihang and continental champion Sha Mier.

These previous contestants returned to the Chinese Bridge and were full of happiness and joy. As Zhao Zhihang, the 2017 champion, said, “Returning to the Chinese Bridge is like going back home.”