2018 Summer Camp to China Organized by the Confucius Institute at University of the Bahamas Successfully Concludes its Cultural Excursion to Beijing and Shanghai

[Source]    Confucius Institute at the University of the Bahamas [Time]    2018-08-02 10:16:07 

From July 15th to 20th, After completing its Chinese Cultural Workshop on the campus of Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology, the 2018 Summer Camp to China organized by the Confucius Institute at University of the Bahamas paid visits to Beijing and Shanghai to have further in-depth experience of the profound and time-honored Chinese civilization and also to bear witness to the prosperous and vibrant present-day China.

In Beijing, members of the Summer Camp to China visited the Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, the Badaling Section of the Great Wall, the 2008 Olympic Game Venues like the Bird’s Nest & the Water Cube, the Shichahai Lake, the Bell and Drum Tower, etc. On July 16th, they came to the world famous Great Wall which they had longed to visit before. From their previous mandarin classes, they had learned about the long history and the immense scale of the Great Wall. Although it was a drizzling day with the visibility less than 10 meters, which prevented them from capturing a panoramic view of the Badaling Section of the Great Wall, they were still very excited and climbed quickly to the peak of the Great Wall in that section and comprehended for themselves the meaning of the well-quoted Chinese saying: You are not a hero unless you reach the Great Wall.

In front the Bird's Nest

On the Tiananmen Square

Climbing the Great Wall in the rain

On July 17th, members of the summer camp, braving the heavy rain which could fall at any moment, visited the Forbidden City—the Palace Museum in Beijing. In the pre-departure orientation, they had been taught about this No.1 tourist attraction in China, however, they were still awed by the sight of this splendid and majestic ancient palace. One of them remarked that it was as if he had time-traveled to ancient China and encountered the reality of the age-old glorious Chinese culture.

Visiting the Palace Museum

In Shanghai, the members of the summer camp had a profuse experience of the splendor of this modern international metropolis. They strolled along the Bund, which is the most symbolic landmark of the Shanghai, enthralled by the view of the row upon rows of skyscrapers and the magnificent exotic-style buildings reflecting the unique local culture of Shanghai as an international metropolis. They commented that they didn’t expect to see such a prosperous and dynamic metropolis and that the vibrant economic development of present-day China was beyond their imagination.

At the Bund in Shanghai

In Shanghai, the Bahamian university students also visited the Yu Garden, the Shanghai Museum, the Palace of Fine Arts of China, the Ancient town of Qibaozheng, etc. and also sampled the local style delicacies.

Visiting the Shanghai Museum

Visiting the Palace of Fine Arts of China

On July 20th, the 2018 Summer Camp to China Organized by the Confucius Institute at University of the Bahamas Successfully Concluded its three-week Culture-Experience Program in China. At the Shanghai Pudong International Airport, members of the Summer Camp embraced and bid farewell to their Chinese instructors who had been accompanying them throughout this tour of China before stepping on their journey back home.

By Fan Yong


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