Confucius Institute in Geneva Holds “Sino-Swiss Archaeology Summer Workshop”

[Source]    Confucius Institute in Geneva, Switzerland [Time]    2018-07-19 15:58:05 

On July 14th, local time, the Sino-Swiss Archaeology Summer Workshop jointly held by the University of Geneva, Renmin University of China and the Confucius Institute in Geneva came to an end. The workshop lasted ten days. A team of ten led by Wei Jian, Director of the Department of Archaeology and Museology at Renmin University of China was warmly welcomed by the University of Geneva.

Denis Hochstrasser, Vice President of the University of Geneva, stated in his welcome speech that the smooth workshop was another exciting achievement in the inter-university cooperation between University of Geneva and Renmin University of China. He also expressed that archaeology research can guide the future of mankind and is of great significance. Hochstrasser and Lorenz Baumer, Archaeologist and Associate Dean of the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Geneva, also spoke highly of the Confucius Institute’s efforts for the workshop.

Denis Hochstrasser and relevant scholars welcoming the visiting teachers and students from China

During the workshop, the Chinese team and the experts, scholars and researchers from the circle of Swiss archaeology and museology carried out discussions on archaeological issues. Wang Yunxia, visiting scholar at University of Geneva and professor at the Law School of Renmin University of China, introduced the international law and basic principles related to cultural heritage. At University of Geneva’s Exhibition Hall of Ancient Statue Plaster Reproductions, Chinese teachers and students listened to Lorenz Baumer’s introduction of the original articles and their significance in the history of archaeology.

Swiss heritage restoration expert explaining the restoration of cultural relics

Lorenz Baumer delivering a speech

Under the guidance of Swiss experts, Chinese teachers and students observed the underwater archaeological tools developed by Hublot, a watch maker. They visited the archaeological site of Saint-Pierre Cathedral, the coliseum built in ancient Rome age in Switzerland, various ancient sites in Martigny, the storehouse of the Archaeological Institute of Canton of Geneva and other ancient relics. They also participated in the archaeological excavating in Avenches.

Swiss archeologist introducing the undergoing work at the site

Swiss archaeologist speaking

By working together, the two teams gained a better understanding of China and Switzerland’s similarities and differences in the methods, means, concepts, operational details and tools used in the archaeological excavation. The Chinese team was impressed by the Swiss archaeological site operations, such as drawing, recording, and even label writing, while the head of the Swiss archaeological site praised the skilled operation of the Chinese team and highly commended its efficiency.

Chinese and Swiss archaeologists working together

Excavation site

It is reported that the archaeological team of the University of Geneva will visit China next year to continue writing a new chapter of cooperation and exchanges with the team of Renmin University of China.